Hurt/heal (to be announced) second game

I don’t know what we are hurting or healing yet but let’s vote first before playing.

  • Joseki
  • Tesuji
  • Famous go professionals
  • Famous go games
  • Go AI
  • Go sites
  • Go youtubers
  • Shushi

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We already did fuseki and I think we should do something new.

I voted Shushl because I have no idea what is this


It is shushi , autocorrect

Maybe someone liked it

Also just gonna warn you but there are a lot of threads and posts so idk how you choose which ones to include

No we are doing the top reply of every mod.

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Still have no idea what you mean…

I think it’s a bad idea to hurt/heal any (posts by) people in this community. I can’t see a way how that doesn’t get personal.


Yes I didn’t think of that while creating it and posted it the tried editing it.I wanted a redo but someone already voted.U see I was eating at that time, can we get a restart?Bruh I was rushed to create this thread so maybe just delete like every post and start it again with ur perks.

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You could edit it and just ignore the votes that had been cast, I don’t think that’s really a problem. Some more hurt/heal options that are go related:

  • Go professionals
  • Go AI
  • Tesuji
  • Go games

Also, exclude fuseki, since that’s what we did last game :slight_smile:

Don’t “bruh” me please…


Hurt or heal my go YouTube videos in my go videos wait go professionals yoonyoung uses this forum.Also using reverse psychology , I could tell that you like being bruhed

Not completely sure but from past experience you can’t edit a poll anymore after a few minutes

You can, you just have to give it a different “name” attribute (so put name=newname in the description)

@李建澔2 I’ve edited your poll, if you don’t mind. You should be able to edit it yourself too.


Nice tip to remember, could go somewhere to pin it (FAQ?)

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When shall we close the poll?

Not yet cuz only nine people voted , I also wanted to close it in a week .

Hurt/heal hurt/heal topic. :grin:


I’d be in for that if and only if it happened after we had at least 4 or 5 completed hurt/heal games.

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The next hurt/heal game is starting once the championship starts I mean when else should I start it.