I’d like my account deleted please

I am finished playing online go and would like my account deleted for privacy purposes

Thank you I could not find any other way to do it

I would like to do the same thing.

Recently I have experienced that someone is playing on my behalf. I realized it because I kept on receiving emails about matches I was not playing.

I would really like to have my account deleted for privacy purposes as well.

If you’ve played any games from that account, it can’t be deleted. It can be blocked to prevent anyone logging into it, though.

This is in fact very interesting, because when I log into my profile it says that I have played no games.

But everyday I keep on receiving emails telling me I finished some games. Let me quote:
“Game YYY vs XXX[me] has concluded!
Game result: YYY by Resignation
Visit https://online-go.com/game/7870460 to review the game.”

How is this possible?

I figured out what is happening. Somebody used my email to create an account into this site. That account has the same username as my google google account. In that way I keep on receiving notifications for his games, while my account has zero games. This means that there are two accounts linked to the same email.

Then I want two things: First, I want the account of that other person to change his email (How such a thing can be allowed!? Two accounts with the same email!). And second, I want my account deleted.

Thanks in advance for your help.