I finally hit Seven Kyu

It wont last long, after I lose a game or three or more. But… I finally hit seven kyu. Normally i dont think I would post something up in the forums, but seeing as none of my friends really care about go. I thought i would share my abundent joy with you guys.

One can hope I continue to progress further via hard work, and some determination. And I know that is seems odd to celebrate just hitting seven kyu for the first time ever… but I like to think that its these samll moments of appriciation that really drive a person forward to wanting to achive even greater goals.

And no small ammount of thanks is due to OGS, the platform in which i have been able to learn so much from, and will continue learning from. And indeed the people who use OGS.

Lets all work harder, and all achive what we want to in go.


Awesome work, mazel tov :tada:
Once a player hits SDK and the progress slows down (it did for me at least) every one rank is an achievement :slight_smile:

How about a game if you cared for correspondence? :slight_smile:


Thank you very much my dude. I went through a period not so long ago when i hit 8kyu, i fell right back down to 12 kyu and could not claw my way back up, until now, and i have managed to improve myself. So I’m super happy!

And yeah, I’m always happy for a corrospondence game my dude! Send me a challenge so you can put in the time setting you like best.


That’s awesome. I dream of cracking SDK.

(you can see me in this picture, on the floor just in front of the 9k’s left foot)


Thanks my dude! Though, I would never have suspected you were not a SDK at least, you’re so wise.

But if you want me to do a gae reveiw or something, or play a teaching game with you, please just send a request or send me a link to a game, im always happy to help people. and I actually enjoy doing game reveiws so its not skin off my back.

Congratulations @Lord_o_o_Spoon! You’ve mentiond how hard you work and I’ve been watching your rank moving regularly on my friends list. You’ve clearly been playing your heart out and I’m happy to hear that you have hit a new milestone. Keep up the great work :smiley:


Congratulations ! :slight_smile: Every rank-up in the SDK is each own milestone, so it doesn’t seem odd at all. I will send you a correspondence game challenge, as well.


Thank you very very much my friend. I have been watching go videos, doing go problems, and palying go every day rescently, trying to make that big push upwards, and finally its starting to pay off a little. I look forward to the hard work i must put in to hit the next rank and so on.

And thank you very much @JethOrensin, I just saw your game request on the site, i look forward to playing you, and hopefully learning a few things.


I dream of the day I go back to SDK. Currently I’ve had a bad spell of games that threw me all the way back to 15 kyu :stuck_out_tongue:

But cheers to you and cheers to the beautiful game!



I remember when I hit SDK for the first time… then 5 kyu… then dan. I don’t play enough anymore to keep a sharp dan level though, and I am probably around 5 kyu these days.

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Thank you very much! I hope to both keep my rank and advance further. It’s been one hell of a journey so far and that’s just hitting seven Kyu for the first time. I hope I hit Dan in the near future… Then I’m gonna treat myself to s really nice go board or something.

@Mr.GoBoard, I just wish I could hit one Dan… And knew their secrets! I care less about being able to beat more people at the game, and just want to understand the game more! Also if you ever feel like sharpening your go playing teeth on someone for fun…by all means, come and kick my ass in a game of Go, we both have something to gain from it XD.