I keep being re-added to rengo games

Hi! I keep getting readded to rengo games that I have left. I have left every rengo game I was in (by resignation), but I keep getting re-added. Every time I check on the game after being readded, it seems that someone has timed out, but I’m not sure that this is the cause. Is this a known issue? Is there a known workaround?

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Are you sure you are re-added as an active player? Does it ever become your turn again?

I suspect you are just seeing the game still active in your list because rengo games are not removed from your active list when you abandon them, rather they are removed from everyone’s active list when the game is over.

However, a new feature is your Profile page, which lists all the rengo games you have abandoned.

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I do not know if I get turns again because the rengo games I’m trying to leave have so many players that I’ve never had a turn in them. That said, my name and PFP do reappear in the player list on the right hand side of the screen (it’s not there after I leave the game), and I have been able to “leave by resignation” multiple times (thrice on one game). A system message appears in the chat saying I’ve left by resignation every time, you can check the chat log if you like:

and I will note again that the system messages in chat consistently follow the pattern of being info about me resigning interleaved with info about people timing out, which is why I wondered if those are related

I also want to note that the “Dropped Games” list contains the games I’ve abandoned… but doesn’t contain the ones that I appear to have rejoined

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That does sound like a bug then - hmmm … I’ll take a look…


You no longer appear in the list of players.

Thanks for checking into this, much appreciated.

It sounds like maybe there’s a smaller bug, in that case: dropped out players might be able to still “resign”. I can see how that could happen, I’ll take a look at that specifically.

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@jlt noted that I no longer appeared in the list of players. That was true at the time, since I’d left the game, but if you look again you’ll see that since that other screenshot was taken:

I’ll also note that the reason that the “resign” button is missing in my screenshot is that I logged out to ensure that I still saw my name on the list, and it wasn’t an issue associated with just my account. To be clear, the resign button is still there when I am logged in.


I suppose since my name is so close to the top of the list, I’ll just wait this out and see if I get a turn.

This looks pretty similar to that situation:

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“No, you may not stop playing rengo” - OGS, enforcing the feature we’ve been begging for for years


LOL touche’

I knew that casual mode was a mistake to agree to, here we are a year later (nearly) fighting the bugs still!! :sweat_smile:


Personally I much prefer casual mode with a few bugs, than no bugs with no casual mode!


Just posting to confirm that I did indeed get to take a turn.

Edit: if you follow the link now, it won’t be my turn any more because I wanted to verify that the turn worked normally, and it did. I played white to B7.