I lost a quick-chat slot!

I was trying to edit my quick-chat options and I emptied one slot to paste the contents in another. The next thing I knew I went from 5 slots to 4. How do I get my 5th one back? Can I have more than five slots?

Please help.


No idea, never used them, but I believe the Chinese version of “Nice to meet you” (as in - polite greeting before a match) is 很高兴见到你. The transliteration of 你好 is “Ni hao”, pinyin “Nǐ hǎo”.

And if you change “Hello” to “Hallo”, you cover (at least) English and German in one phrase. :wink:

Formal greeting are much less important for Chinese people, it may even surprise them ( like if you say goodbye or thank a shopkeeper) it can still please them. Just saying there’s very few chance to make one offended if you forget to greet or to thank.
Instead of hoping for a nice game, you then could try more Chinese way of asking if he did eat something :slight_smile: (ni Che le ma?)


Interesting. What’s the cultural connotation there? “Did you prepare for our match?”

And what’s the cheeky answer? “我早餐吃了你的棋石”? (Blame Google for any mistakes)

:slight_smile: Google not too bad. You know it’s not so much if he did eat or not, you can ask this even to someone going out of a restaurant! It’s more about you are concerned on the well-being and food is one of this.
I never used this in go game online, I was trying to imagine some equivalence with western politeness.


I don’t know but I thought there was a “reset” command when in edit.
I tried now and I only found “save” and “cancel”.

What Chinese greeting would you suggest instead? I’d like to keep it simple and cheerful :smile_cat:


Yes just common Ni Hao is fine

Hey @AdamR, who should I talk to about this bug?

Hello, we can try tagging @anoek or @greenasjade if one of them is online over weekend, if not please try to manage with four for now, I will have a closer look for a solution on monday when I get back to PC.

Thanks for catching such a bug though and sorry for the teouble

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Hello again @MystWalker, got to it sooner and you should be able to fix it quite esily :slight_smile:

  • First off, if you are on GoogleChrome (I assume you are not, but for the record…) upon clicking “edit” the fillable box is still there, only empty and thus not visible. You can click in it (just blind-click in the empty space) and fill it and save.

  • Mozzila Firefox collapses the empty cell, and thus it is actually not clickable. You can purge cookies for OGS and it will be reset to default. (You can delete only OGS coockies to not mess with other sites - ask google or me)

  • If you would rather keep your local settings and login, you can still fix it by messing a bit in dev console.
    If you are only a little familiar with html or willing to try, it is a breeze to do.

Tutorial for Moz FF follows
  1. Go to any game page to have chat visible
  2. Open your quick chats and click “edit”
  3. Press F12 to open developer tools
  4. Click your mouse on (according to image)

First the upper left tools button to enable quick selection
Second right next to the pre-defined responses (when they are all highlghted)
third un-collapse the highligted line by the little black arrow in front of it

Now several new lines will appear (looking like next picture), four of which should have your preset responses in the middle and one of them being empty (that is the one we are after :wink: )

Now just double click on the “contenteditable” part of this line, be carefull not to delete that text and then copy and paste the following code at the end (including the extra space at the start)


Press enter and you are done. A big empty space will appear where the box is supposed to be and you can just edit and save like normal. Then just refresh the page.

Don’t worry about messing up anything, refreshing the page will always bring it back to normal.

Hope that helps and sorry about the trouble :slight_smile:


YAY!! I did it! : D : >

So apparently adding text to the Unordered List item and clicking edit crashes the app. I have to reload the tab to get it back.

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Ehmmm, not completely sure what you did there. Maybe I should have specified better.

You first enter the edit mode like you would normally.
Then you muck about in the dev tools, just to give the one empty cell actual height JUST to make it clickable in the browser. Do not try to edit the text directly in the dev tools.
And then you edit in the normal site view again like you would normally. Just click the empty space, type and press enter

It should work. (Well did for me at least)

Cool. Thanks @AdamR, that worked a treat.

If anyone is interested, this is how you can reproduce the bug I found:

I’m not entirely clear what that demo is supposed to show, but it appears to be asserting that if you mess around with the actual source code of the page you can cause it to crash.

That’s not a bug. That’s PEBKAC.

If you can reproduce that without editing the page source, then that’d be a bug.


There is a bug here though. It is, as @MystWalker pointed out at the start of the thread, that you can lose a quick-chat slot in the first place.
I just reproduced it - take out the content and save, you won’t get it back.

We should expect that the empty string works as a quick-chat the same as any other text, and that we can re-populate the field later.

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Look, there’s no reason to get defensive. The app called it a bug, so I’m calling it a bug. If you’re not interested in it, then fine.


I agree with @Animiral, the original point of the thread still stands. This should probably be addressed. Having people muck around with the dev console isn’t a good workaround.

I misunderstood that dev console thing, I think.

I thought it was a demo of the bug, rather than a workaround!

In the future @GreenAsJade, please make an effort to understand the situation before you start throwing insults.