If you had $1,000 for the Go community

If you had $1,000 for the Go community, what would you spend it on?

Need some ideas for funding something for Go!


Depends on what your community need, I think?

For example I used to be a university club president, and what we needed were actual board & stones. Go wasn’t very famous back then so the merchandise we had were only plastic paper board & plastic stones, better equipment needed to be shipped from China and it boosted the price up too much for students.

Several other things any community always need:

  • Books
  • Pro lectures
  • Low level / local / inhouse tournaments

All can be funded (altogether) with $1000.

Other things that no one would say no to (which $1000 might not be enough for, but with several benefactors maybe)


An ad for osg. I’d probably just give it to osg.

I’d give it to ogs


I’d buy a kaya board and slate and shell stones, obviously :rofl:

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?? :smiley: ?? You mean a stone


I may be blissfully ignorant regarding HOW ludicrously expensive the things I listed are… Allow me to hold my fantasy that it’s ONLY $1000 :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Asking this on the OGS forum make the answer obvious: give it to OGS.

Give it to me so i can run that weiqi center quicker here (I am serious but i’m sure that will not happen)


I’m sure the admins want to put this here but don’t have a subtle enough chance to so…


We need better resources for beginners. Many people want to learn go but feel lost and quit the game. We need

  1. Series of short videos followed by quizzes/problems taking step by step from 45k to 15k.
  2. Play against a bot which plays like a human DDK and doesn’t make dumb computer moves.
  3. An interface that allows to play and use voice chat, since it’s much easier to teach that way. Currently we can use OGS+Discord but it would be better to have a single interface.

Probably some of the above already exist but we need someone to gather everything at the same place.


I would probably spend it on youth Go promotion - get 'em while they’re young!

Sponsorship of a youth Go team - team t-shirts/hoodies, travel costs for attendance at Go tourneys/camps.

Establishing Go in countries where it is less known - Greece? Other egf associate member countries? By provision of equipment for new clubs there maybe. Cost of school outreach sessions?

Contribute to a youth safe go server? BGA were looking into this. Especially for younger players, having somewhere to play that feels safe to parents/schools would be great.

The problem will be finding people (volunteers) through which to spend the money. My thoughts (far from original) all rely on someone to actually do the promoting/coordinating/teaching.


With 1000 eur don’t make a long list.
A magnet demo board, a few go sets or a computer if you have them and that’s it

For OGS today for what i read before here, workforce could be a good idea to assist @anoek but you don’t go far with this amount…


I agree. We need more information. Where has this money come from? What’s the general intention for it? Who’s it going to? What’s their situation? Is there likely to be more money in the future or is this a one off?

Nice to see that there is some funding going in somewhere though :slightly_smiling_face:


I would personally sponsor a Go club in a school, but not a school that already has 100 other activities; a school that has none.


I’m curious about this. What’s so unsafe with the current go servers?


My previous thoughts:


My youth club has built up 1000$ excess money from member contributions. We already have enough equipment and there are not much other expenses.
I could make some donation to our go association for development of youth go elsewhere in the Netherlands, but the association already has money available for that. Money isn’t really the problem here in the Netherlands.
The problem is more a lack of people that have time and ability to promote and develop (youth) go, for example to write a series of books in Dutch that can be used to teach individuals and classes of various levels, something like the Dutch (original) version of Learn chess with the Steps Method - step1 to Learn chess with the Steps Method - step6 (a book series from beginner level to quite advanced level).


I guess there are still orphanages there? I admit a high goal, but still maybe some would end up liking Go.

You’d need trainers to go to those orphanages. They are not going to teach the children themselves.

So, the association has money but not trainers?

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