I'm leaving from ogs community, this is why :

@Metaphysician_splurg, I am sorry to hear that you are leaving and for your experience with OGS, but I must make something very clear: Bots are not people they are not “clever” in any way. They are created by us to perform a certain task and, quite realistically, they can be pretty good at that. Indeed they are usually better at playing Go than people. But they are like animals (and actually not even quite as “intelligent” as animals being that they are not living), in the sense that they can’t reason, and they are only here because we created these things. They are absolutely just toys. With all due respect, I find your ideas rather childish.

Life is a grind, and one must accept that. The world will never be perfect, and neither will OGS. As people we are here to play Go and interact with each other, and there will always be a bad apple, but that is just life. You are your own person, so go ahead and leave if you feel inclined.

Mr. GoBoard will now say goodbye.


Is there a way to disable the pause option for such games?

No … it is a new problem and as such any solution will need to be coded.


The real time API already contains a resume function. This allows a bot to be programmed to resume a paused game. No OGS dev resources required.

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I believe the gnugo bot is run by @anoek :slight_smile:


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The bot owner can disable pause. If they use the gtp2ogs script (as provided by the ogs GitHub page) they just have to set ‘nopause’



Even easier! :slightly_smiling_face:

This is all great information.

Interestingly, then, what it does is shift the onus to bot owners.

If there is a bot with a profile page that won’t load, thanks to the good information above, we now know we can say to the bot owner “do somefink” :slight_smile:

Thanks for that!


PS: on this topic:

Only in the sense that anoek pulls the public code down. He welcomes pull requests to fix issues with that bot, but his precious resources are not directed to fixing those himself

There may not be much point, putting in my oar this late, but I think it is important to counter certain misapprehensions. The paraphrased moderator responses don’t sound like anyone I’ve interacted with and certainly don’t reflect my approach to the task. And to say this,

…is to contradict the more positive statements made elsewhere in the post. Nobody is free to hurt others. As far as I know, all bad behavior that the mods know about, whether by report or witnessed, is dealt with. Of course, how it is dealt with may differ from what the reporter expects, based on the offense, the player’s record, and whether the player has been warned before. All bad behavior, even minor offenses like escaping, can result in a ban if done habitually.

The OP’s suggestion of temporary bans already exists indirectly in the form of an appeal. If a player appeals and promises to reform, the ban might be rescinded (i.e., it was effectively temporary). This happens with some frequency on chat bans, and sometimes the player really does reform.

I can’t speak for the other moderators, but this is my approach in dealing with first offenses: if a player is new (I know, they may be a sandbagger or new only to OGS—no matter), with fewer than 50 games, and they stall, escape, or won’t accept the score, then I explain go etiquette to them. If they are experienced, they get a warning. Score cheating and sandbagging are treated more severely.

Here is the interesting part. Roughly 50% of beginners react positively to the explanation, apologizing and/or explaining that they are new. Most of the others don’t respond, which is fine so long as they stop the behavior. About 90% of experienced players, however, just ignore the warning. Perhaps 10% at most actually modify their behavior at least temporarily. In both categories a few react with vile abuse.


But…what is a metaphysician?

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I’m not leaving the OGS community, this is why:

OGS has been one of the most consistently courteous places to play games on the internet. I come from the land of chess, which is often incredibly toxic, and have been very pleasantly surprised by my experiences here.

Part of that is down to the mods. I’ve had a handful of bad experiences, and upon reporting them, have found the mods to be helpful and friendly. Chat bans for serial abusers get issued quickly, and there’s an actual person to talk to during the process, rather than just a black hole for complaints that probably just leads to a folder somewhere that’s regularly purged. @GreenAsJade, @Conrad_Melville, @AdamR, @crocrobot, and the rest of the mods and builders of OGS: thank you for your time, and for doing a great job!

…And yes, bots can be annoying to play, at times. I’ve kinda just figured that’s part of what you get with weak AIs that don’t necessarily know how to do things like resign when behind. Plus, there’s enough that, if the quirks of one bot really start to grate on you, there’s usually another less annoying option to get some games against.

Anyways, thanks to everyone involved for creating a great site and a great community that I hope to be part of for years to come.


it saddens me even more to see that i’m the one who wrote that entire page… (edit : well, that may be a bit of an exageration, let’s say rather i heavily reworked it)

btw it is linkable :

i’m happy that at long last people realized that there is no magic to have a bot, nor is it hard, and adding --nopause or --nopauseranked only takes 1 second for bot admin

no more answer for me

One who practices metaphysics.


I have been on OGS for three months, so far so good. :rofl:

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Like I said before when you brought it up in chat, a bot isn’t a person they don’t have feelings and won’t be hurt. You are also the only bot admin (I know of) that watches their bots games if you don’t like the way someone is playing versus your bot then just block them from accepting the open challenge. It’s wrong to say it is bad behavior though why?

Again because it’s only a bot they don’t think about anything aside from what they we’re designed to do they don’t care if there opponent takes 1 second to make a decision or a year, it won’t bother them if they leave the game instead of resigning, they won’t even care if you swear at them why? Again because it’s a bot.


That was a very long forum post. If I may give you a piece of advice - if you have something on your heart, keep to the point when you talk about it or at least reread what you wrote. It takes a lot of effort to understand what are you trying to say. People like me can get lost in so many words.

I understand it is difficult to convey your emotions in a forum post. Trying to express yourself from all the possible angles at once can be a way to explain how one feels. When you get this emotional, however, your emotion will take over any meaning your message may have had and people such as myself will often just give up. That might be a reason why it takes talking to 15-20 people to find someone to agree with you.

Moreover, if there is a problem that is really bugging you, yeah, you can get some pats on the back in the community, but bug reports are not a popularity contest. It doesn’t matter is it is one user out of twenty or nineteen users out of twenty agreeing with you. If you really want to get something done and not just participate in a discussion regarding possible solutions, best thing to do is to talk to someone responsible. Did you ask in the “Help” section or did you just ask in English chat? In case of broken bot, did you ask the person who runs it? Even if nothing gets fixed, you can get the most concise answer about why are the things this way and there can be some understanding.

Annoying users are a chapter all for itself. I often ignore them because pretty much all of them just want your attention and crave your response to feel better. Sometimes I quip back. If they take it to lengths where I think it would be hurting were someone else in my seat, I report them. In my view, when someone resorts to this behaviour and if really mean their words, it doesn’t matter what the game result says because they lost way back - maybe not on the board, but on the grander scale. I just don’t take it seriously and nobody should, either. I have never seen anyone being unsupportive in the English chat when someone brought such people up. I don’t see what more do you expect a regular user to do.

Side notes about some things that I just don’t get:

  • I don’t think that is what “social justice” means.
  • “Kindness without justice is just weakness.”
  • “True kindness is when you care about yourself first before caring about others.”

Yeah, that’s all I had, see you around.

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It doesn’t sound funny at all and I can’t believe you are serious.
Well done: you trolled me completely.
Good luck, have fun!


please also close this thread
we both stated our views, and i added a little extra here : Why cant people lose?

again, thank you for everything ogs, and bye
thanks for closing

P.S : crocrobot, dont forget the legendary “^^” please :+1: