Why cant people lose?


I just played a Game and after we played a while he passed the turn to end the game, so did I.
Now we would agree on getting the stones removed, but he wanted to go on still…

The move he made after not agreeing was resinating.

The thing is:
he had: 17 territory & 9 captures => 28 pt.
I had: 23 territory, 0 captures & 5.5 komi => 28.5 pt.

Here you can review the Game.

btw. the funny thing is this would have been the first game to win by points and i still dont have a rank so… jeah…


Winning by resignation or by points doesn’t matter as far as rating and rank goes.
In fact, it doesn’t matter in any respect.



But still its annoying.

If players are exhibiting annoying behaviour you may want to report it, using the “report player” or “call moderator” button.

There are some annoying behaviours that are more than just annoying, they are not in the spirit of the game, and not acceptable.

If the moderator agrees with you, they will take it up with the person. Often especially beginners don’t know what the etiquette is, and are very reasonable about it when asked to adjust.



this is hilarous

actually @N473 , respecting someone is not an etiquette, it’s a default

we either kindly respect the people we spend time with
or we are reminded to do it by the person we spend time with and do it willingly
or we are reminded to do it by a person in charge of dealing with bad behaviour problems when a mutual respect cannot be peacefully achieved, and then do it willingly
or we are reminded to do it and purposely dont do it, in that last case punishment should be applied to protect the ones being hurt, and avoid this behaviour from happening again, this is justice and protecting the community

you dont need to know anything go related to know that refusing a loss is a disrespect, seriously

also, lets not make it sound like all go beginners do that, not even once did i do that purposely as a go beginner, and if i ever did it, it is only because of misunderstanding of who is truly wining, if talked to by my opponent, i would accept it if i am shown that i am wrong
of course, i am not the only player on ogs who is respecting my opponent,…
this is not “knowing go etiquette”, this is “knowing respect between humans, and being able to speak human language”, because yes many human players dont know human language it seems when they play on go servers

the lack of collective priorities when it comes to caring about things is truly appalling
you can label it as “education”, the fact remains that it is in fact fixing human behaviour

how clueless i was not to notice all of this for all that time
yes, kindness alone is not enough

only happened to answer here as i was checking on my forum thread, i wont start to answer here, no worry about that
in the end, we didnt share the same priorities and caring about things
we only happened to be together for a rather long time rather, and de facto happened to share some good memories, but the link was not deep in the end

as i said again, thank you for everything, and good bye ogs community
i truly think this is for the best


i resigned a game after months of play and winning 100 points on the board. lost 1 kyu, but worth it. :grinning:


thank you for your like @N473

i am totally supporting you

I find this to be an interesting illustration of how badly one person can interpret another when they have a mind to.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In my post, I encouraged the complainant to report the bad behaviour precisely because dealing with it is a priority.

However, it would be a mistake to assume that what looks like disrepectful behaviour is in fact that.

As I said, often it is a lack of knowledge - possibly a lack of even knowledge about how to end the game.

A whole set of problems arises if you assume too quickly that the other person is willfully at fault. It can lead to anger and even eventual storming off… which all could have been avoided with more time for appreciating what was actually going on.

Where people are willfully disruptive, and consistently prove it, that is dealt with.

I don’t feel apologetic that that we take time and care to establish first what the whole picture is.



strangely, there is no lack of knowledge when it is the player’s wining

and after 350 games, i hope that you know how to end the rules


keep it more contradictory please

this is just too easy
you cant have it all the way you want
being a 9p scoring when you are wining
hiding behind the

  • “i dont speak human language sorry”
  • “i am beginner”
  • “i dont know how to score”
  • “i am”
    whenever its convenient

and ofc never ever apologizing to the one being hurt, is truly no comment for me

yes, apologizing, you know
when you harm someone, it is respectful to say sorry, else we just cant let it go just like that

Let’s be clear that I was speaking in the general - about policy - not about the OP’s specific problem.

That would have been more readily dealt with if reported via the “call moderator” button.


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i was speaking generally too
i only happened to check that i was right after your surprising answer

i so feel sorry for someone being hurt and no apology sent to him @N473

it seems you’re only thinking about how to avoid conflicts
but you know it feels very bad to be hurt
what does ogs do to fix that ?
do you think we’ll just let it go with a “ah he didnt know the correct go etiquette, thats why he disrespected me, ok i forgive him”, without him even replying !! i mean sending an apology requires advanced writing skills, but just communicating in text is the minimum for us to make peace of what happened and move on

if it were me, i would not consider the conflict solved until the one doing harm talks to the one being hurt and apologizes, and if he willingly doesnt want to after being asked, just ban
yes, this is just caring, “you dont care about our users ? then we dont care you too, you are banned”

except than to extinguist the fire of the conflict, what does ogs currently do about repairing one’s pride after being hurt
we cant consider the conflict to be solved until that is fixed…

you know, even in the ancient times, when communities were small tribes, if one member was hurt, you’d be sure all the tribe would start a war to avenge him until justice is made
but i dont see anything like that here, i mean the feel of caring about fellow users


Well, let’s end it here.

I think everyone got a chance to voice their opinions, and I do not see much good coming out of further discussion.

To summarize @N473

  • your victory counts completely, as far as your rank is concerned, there is no difference between win by points or resignations.
  • if you feel like you have been somehow hurt by your opponent do feel free to report the player or discuss the issue with any of the moderators further.

And of course if some of you feel like there is something important and constructive to add to this thread feel free to let me know in PM


Are we still talking about resigning instead of going to scoring?
wtf is this alternate reality i find myself in? why is everyone so wierd all of a sudden?