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IIRC abandoned, sadly.


I shows you Joseki!



It looks like Nash was caught in oi-otoshi. But the close-up scene of him placing a stone is shown twice.

Do we know what rank Nash had at the time? His claim that he played perfectly sounds like the sort of claim you might get from an arrogant 20kyu or similar and someone at that level could certainly fall for oi-otoshi.


Fun fact: I stole this from Google and have used it as the picture for every club game I’ve organised on Facebook :stuck_out_tongue:


Poor guy who is first stone. Must pray for a killer joseki :disappointed_relieved:


35 possible moves in chess? Most of the times, 30 of those 35 are obviously stupid. The actual choice is often between 2 or 3 possibly “good” moves.


No answer to that one yet, although when searching I found this silly page with all the British celebs who play Go!

It has Nash, says he played it at Princeton, but nothing on a rank. My guess is that he only played unranked games? :wink:

David Lee Roth? Really? Rod Stewart?:star_struck:



Accompanying commentary from Sensei’s Library:

A shocking event at the beginning of new year. The first game of the 10th Kisei was planned for January 16-17, 1986. At around lunch time on January 6, 1986, Cho was leaving in his car when a motorcyclist came around from his blind spot. He had avoided Cho’s car, only to have slid and overturned on his motorcycle. Cho helped the motorcyclist up, and when Cho went to pickup the bike a car hit him. His right thigh was broken and he suffered other injuries. He was sent into the emergency room and had an operation the day after. The injuries would take three months to heal.

However, Cho was determined not to let it affect his upcoming Kisei match. Since his head and hand were fine, he went ahead and played the first game, losing only by 2.5 points to Kobayashi Koichi. Cho recovered from the loss and took the next two games. Kobayashi then took three in a row and won the title. For the first time in eight years the 29-year old Cho was without a title. He went on to lose in a playoff for the Meijin, but came back to win the 11th Gosei against Otake 3-0. His record was also one of his best in years, with 35-wins and 17-losses.

This episode reminds me of when strong English chess professional Tony Miles, suffering from a back injury, played an entire tournament from a horizontal position on a stretcher.


"AlphaGo hasn’t killed the joy of the game, Manning adds. Strap lines boasting that Go is a game that computers can’t win will have to be changed, he says. “But just because some software has got to a strength that I can only dream of, it’s not going to stop me playing.”




Ah, but is the Schwartz with him?:smile_cat:


Is he black or white?


This image is clearly from a long time ago.


I wish I had said that :smiley: :smiley:



“That’s not the best move. It’s not even a good move!” :confused:


Oh, HnG … of course …

Then I think I must post this also:


A wonderful comic story for children from 5 to 99 years :slight_smile:

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And say, @Misjamig, that first image is Toroidal Rengo, right?


One more:

By the awesome chid0ri —>

Sadly, she isn’t creating these anymore, AFAIK.


Not sure, just stole the HNG image from reactions on the twitter account of the new AI Go God Demis Hassabis, when he first announced AlphaGo see: here

But I guess if you see no borders there are no borders :thinking: