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Ah no, I meant the image in the opening post, the five boards. I’ve never played toroidal Go, so I was just speculating.

Ah, or is it that what you mean by “five boards linked to one and another”?


This would be really awesome if you added two other colors to this concept.


The five board are identical so I too would assume that it’s a way to simulate a torus.


I love this comic, Chidori’s drawing style is very comfy.



A picture of a round go board, with four liberties for each spot. I found it while snowballing something else (oh internet). The idea is apparently due to Harald Schwartz.


It’s quite curious, because although every point has 4 liberties, all points are not equal. The points on the inner and outer circle appear equivalent to each other, as are the two next-inner-circles, as are the inner two circles.

On the inner and outer circles, you can take 10 steps in the same direction and return to where you were.
In addition, you can do a loop of 3 and a loop of 4.

On the middle circles, you can do loops of 3 and 4, but the 10 step loop does not exist.

On the inner two circles, the only loops are 4.

I have no idea what that would mean for game play other than surely “josekis” would be different depending which circle you are on, but the same across pairs.


Printed and tryed.
It’s crazy! :smiley:
Here is a ladder:


One further topological maybe-obvious observation: this is a board on the outside surface of a cylinder (projected flat). The grid on the board is printed at 45 degrees to the axis of the cylinder.

The inner circle is one end of the cylinder, and the outer circle is the other end.

Lysnew’s ladder is simply going around the circumference of the cylinder - I think if you pulled the inner circle out from the page and stretched it to the same diameter as the outer one, making a cylinder, the ladder would look perfectly normal - it goes in a straight line across the board (diagonally across the grid, as ladders always do :slight_smile: )

So now we have torus and cylinder setups.


neat! :slight_smile:

somthing is off though (or i am just having trouble visualizing it). if this was indeed just a grid wrapped around a cylider, then points on the edges as well as corner points would still end up with 3 instead of 4 liberties right? also, this ladder is effectively biting its own tail. i imagine a ladder on the surface of a cylinder would either approach the top or the bottom (in this case, the inner or the outer circle). how does it manage to orbit the centre like it does?

the only surface area i can imagine where every point on it is the same is a sphere, but that doesnt quite make sense either now does it? well… someone will know i guess.


The thing is that every point on the cylinder board is not actually the same, even though they have the same number of liberties.

It’s because the points on the end of the cylinder connect to another point around the end of the cylinder instead of to another point “along” surface the cylinder (because there is no more cylinder past the end :slight_smile: )

I’ve tried to show this in this picture:

Maybe you can see that there are two steps from X to Y - these are points on the surface of the cylinder.

But when we get to the end of the cylinder, instead of point A being connected to another one along the cylinder further, and then to B, it connects straight to B instead.

The same at the other end of the cylinder.

I extended the concept down the other side of the cylinder. Not sure if it helps or confuses:


… and here is a picture of the cylinder with a go board on it.

I marked equivalent A/B and A’/B’ points from the pictures above, so you can see how the 3D cylinder squishes down into the flat board.

(Not the same diameter cylinder in this picture as board - this one is 6 points around, lysnew’s board is 10)



… this was the sentence i missed :laughing:
thanks for your elaborate explanations!


LOL yeah got carried away there, but it captured my fancy: quite elegant, simple explanation of that wierd looking board!


Sorry, not just image but video. Not my type of audio either, but some of you might recognize the “beat”. Quite possibly a repost. Title reads “Dead or alive” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The backstory is funnier. I had this flatmate who listened to bad gangsta rap music all day, and all of a sudden i hear this from his speakers. He still doesn’t know why I laughed my ass off that day.


There are also ladders in the direction top-bottom that look radial on the flattened board.


ALL Gangsta Rap is bad.


Listen to this:


Like listening to a badly tuned engine.


Well who ever knew that German rap existed. And all these years I’ve just been limiting myself to Rammstein and Oomph!


You clearly haven’t listened to the words…