Images of newer times


lol, theres a pretty HUGE difference between “gansta rap” and hip-hop, i dont think i’ve ever heard of anyone refer to immortal technique as “gangsta rap”


It takes more than words to make a song. It brought to mind the “beat” poetry that thrived among the beatniks when I was growing up (Maynard G. Krebbs of Dobie Gillis’s fame was a parody of the beatniks). There, they would have a rhythm (like bongos), or maybe a few instruments, and through all that noise a person would be reading poetry. But back in that day, no one called beat poetry music.


LOL off topic but I reference him all the time on jobsites. Mostly just by loudly squawking the word “WORK?!” after someone else says it.


Didn’t want to turn this into a music thread - although I have to say I am utterly baffled that there are actually people out there who can’t be affected by Immortal Technique’s harrowing story… -
but back on topic:



Album cover of “One Foot on Either Side of the Ladder”, by Colin de la Plante.


An exciting match at the Igo Soccer club.

For image purists, I’ve got


Another variant, this time in 3D:


The physical realisation does not seem very practical. It does seem like a nice programming project though…


I think you’d be interested in On this page, Henry Segerman discusses the idea of playing 3D Go on a suspended diamond made of wire mesh.

Here are a couple of photos from the site:

“The smallest live group. It uses a corner of the octahedron and seven stones.”

This photo shows a ko in progress.

The stone markers I would guess are origami.


Go & table tennis!! I like this, exactly my hobbies, just missing some electronics , e.g. raspberryPi !!


Just played almost two hours today! Table Tennis I mean :smile:
Unranked, no games, just back and forth, back and forth…

And here are (amongst others) our balls:
(all photos taken in our ping pong cave)



The goban in the foreground is an interesting setup


It looks like you can probably fold the metal legs underneath. First time I’ve ever seen a foldaway goban like that. I wonder how easy it would be to make one’s own: buy some folding metal legs and screw them onto a wooden table board, and hey presto you have a “floor board” at low cost and minimal storage space.


The downside to that is you would not have a table board any longer.


What if the stand is foldable and separate from the board?


The downside is that it is ugly as hell :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Czech contribution :grinning:



I’m guessing they actually just put the goban on top of a breakfast table for dining in bed.


Oh, the Czech and their pilsner! Love it!
Check the table 3 of this link and you see how proud they are of their original Pilsner :beers:

Austria? Germany? No match!


Back on topic :sunglasses:




Yeah my local go club actually has some boards in nearby hole in the wall pub when we want to thrown down a couple liters while playing rengo. :sunglasses: :beer:

Pretty much every tournament over here has unofficial pub outing after games.