Images of newer times


Bit off topic, but this article has some playful ideas about the development of AI after Go:




Huh, Uganda is meant to be the strongest Go country on that continent by a decent margin from what I’d heard. Wonder why the Gambia made a Go stamp…


I remember faintly that a couple of african countries have a very diverse set of motives on their stamps. Including scientists, prize recipients, inventors and so on. There was some story behind it. I used a search engine yesterday, but couldn’t find anything. Maybe someone knows more, or knows how to look that up.


True. This was part of their “Mickey and Donald (and Goofy, don’t know how the cow lady is called again :no_mouth:) play Japanese games” line:


And if you like the combination of board games and stamps, you gotta check out this:


The cow lady’s name is Clarabelle


Visual Journalism in Spanish:


Really nicely done, that, but AARGH how they hold the stones :flushed:


Cats are the origine :grinning:


Edible go stones!


And the stones are their hairballs and faeces.





But sad that somebody removed the artist’s signature … it was created by TANGO.



Reading The Human Condition by Junpei Gowikawa ( right now, no mentioning of Go 'till now, but this image stroke a chord…




Well, it does say “Jap war moves follow pattern of smart Go game” on it…


I know, I think because of Go’s abstract nature, these kind of images can be made for most - if not all - of human war battles, past, present and future.
Put an abstract grid on top of it, divide it into black and white moves… and surround.


The bottom left corner is wide open :wink:




That one I’ve seen before … can’t remember where … it’s awesome!

Is it known which Baduk fan modified René Magritte’s “La Clairvoyance” (self-portrait, 1936; JPEG, 1.7 MB) for this? (Was it you?)

(And BTW if you do an image search on Google for “magritte clairvoyance” you’ll find a few other funny modifications.)