Images of newer times


No. Wasn’t me. Found it on Pinterest ( too old to be on it, but it helps if you have a new generation around…)

If it would be me, at least I would make an actual keima where my brush is…


That’s a nice idea!

The fact that you mentioned it, thought of it, resonates with the sense I have that the modification is not quite right. It is no-where near as satisfying as the original, because the modification leaves you thinking “what is it really trying to say?”

The original was about see something that the model would become, in a way that captures the imagination of the viewer.

In the new one, is it really even clear that the picture says “the artist envisions that chess will become go?”.

Or is he thinking “the knight tells me the next move is a kiema?”

Because it isn’t an obvious conclusion (unlike an egg becomes a bird, or a meal), the picture doesn’t really “work”. (Even though it is an amusing addition to our collection here for sure).



Would it help if the artist were drawing a computer while looking at a go board?


It would help if the brush actually had. . . a brush




La Clairvoyance…


From the game Pavel Lisy 2p vs Leela Zero (Youtube Link)


I think this shows that for handicap games, human + LZ is much better than LZ on its own. Just force-omit the obvious nonsense.


Seeing all those slightly different shades of colour together like that is quite beautiful, the reddish-pink and apricot in the centre of the board shifting organically into yellow and green. Much like how Go itself creates aesthetic patterns from a system that does not set out with that as a goal.



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