Improper time increase and how to handle this game

These might seem like silly questions, but I still feel somewhat new to the ways of this site.

I have an active game where I’m truly wondering if I’m playing a serious player, but I don’t want to be impolite and just ask what’s going on. Your first game might be confusing and I would be happy to offer a review afterwards. The problem is that my time seem to not increase correctly and is now down to 10h even though I played several moves yesterday and today. My questions are:

1.) Is there any incentative for a player to play games like this? Maybe having many users creating a rank-bubble of sorts; I really have no idea.

2.) What’s going on with my time? I actually have no problem playing until there’s no white stones left, but of course not if I will time-out in the process.

3.) What would be the appropriate and polite way to handle a game where someone just keeps playing stones in your territory until there are no allowed places left?


I’m also a bit unsure about the category of this question here, so feel free to correct me, and I’ll delete/move it.


I can only say that 10h are left in your main time, plus the byoyomi periods. Time increases after a move only in Fischer settings.

I’ll leave the rest to more knowledgeable people.


I was going to say exactly this :slight_smile:

If you're unfamiliar with byo-yomi time settings

I guess to add onto it the game information says “Clock starts with 1 week main time, followed by 5 1 day periods. Pauses on weekends”

The way it works is you first use up all your main time, so every time it’s your turn your main clock runs down until it reaches zero. Then after that point you’re into byo-yomi time, so you’ll have 1 day to make each move after that. If you take longer than that it will use up and subtract a byo-yomi period from you. If you run out of byo-yomi periods you lose on time.

So if you have 5 periods left, and take 1day + 5s or 1 day + 23hrs + 59 mins it will use up one of your periods and you’ll have four left going forward, but again a day to make a move in order to not use up your remaining byo-yomi periods.


You are in the main time still of a setting with byoyomi. It will decrease until being Completely depleted and then you ll have to play each move in one day (or lose a period )

Well in my opinion it’s not really the case till now, boundaries have still to be closed. If something like you describe happen later, the best is to simply call a moderator.


It seems your opponent is a complete beginner, so it is hard to expect them to know that the game is over. One way to politely say that the game is over, is to pass (assuming it is safe to pass, i.e. you have closed your borders and are alive everywhere).

Asking an opponent to resign / pass can be tricky, as it should be polite and non-demanding, and generally it can be perceived as rude to ask an opponent to resign before the endgame is finished. You could ask the opponent if they have a goal with their moves, or if they know that their stones are dead.

I find these latter suggestions difficult myself, and generally just keep playing until the opponent resigns or passes on their own accord. Feel free to report players of whom you suspect they continue playing for the purpose of stalling, then the moderator team can take a look at it.


My bad i didn’t notice that you killed all already.
@Vsotvep answered quite extensively and I too think that your opponent has just few experience and it requires then a bit of patience.
later you can offer him a bit of your help, maybe?

  1. make big enough to win group with actual 2 eyes
  2. just pass and only pass while explain rules

that way they may realize why continuing to place stones makes no sense

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The scoring:
… Wow, ok, that’s embarrasing =). I should’ve figured; I’m just so used to Fischer, especially for correspondence. I don’t think I’ve ever even read the rules for Byo-Yomi. Thank you shinuito for a thourough explanation.

The game:
Thank you all for good answers, especially Vsotvep and Groin! I get it; it’s tricky. And, yes, of course I would be more than happy to offer help afterwards; we’ve all been there, and I’m still not that good, so it’s not very often I can offer help anyway =).

In conclusion:
I’ve passed and continued, and I’ll let it continue for a while more. If it gets completely out of control, I’ll report it. Again, absolutely no offence to anyone, we’ve all been beginners.

Would you say that stalling for the purpose of having your opponent forget and timeout is common? Hopefully this whole pandemic is over soon, and I can find some players in my city =). I’ve only played about five games afk =/.


Not that common. I’d say it’s most common that a beginner accidentally wins the first two or three games and ranks up to stall games against stronger opponents. The ones that stall games to the extreme deliberately usually end up being banned sooner or later.


I’m sure you will have a more as sufficient level, no worry on that.

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Ok, so we finished and I wrote a review. I wrote it (I hope) to be suitable to absolute beginners, having played only a couple of 9x9. I have never written a review and I am really not that qualified either, but I thought that I would’ve absolutely loved to get one when I was that new, and also it would be a nice short starting/practice review for me.

I wrote it on my phone =), short and simple, so no heavy analysis (which I don’t think was either requested nor required), hence I could’ve missed to point out many things.

Regardless, if anyone happens to take a glance, please let me know what you think and perhaps give me some feedback, so I can write better reviews.


TBH I’d love to have the opportunity to review in a such detailed levels with more opponents.

To me the only thing you need to do better reviews is getting stronger, but we are all on the same boat.


Thanks, good to hear =).

Yes, I’m slowly working on getting stronger, but I have many other things to care about right now. Soon I will try to find people to play afk here in town aswell. I think perhaps I would be more focused and motivated then, albeit more stressed and nervous maybe.


Brilliant idea, IRL games are great time!