Improving the reporting form

@Conrad_Melville @shinuito I need some more help understand what exactly is closing the box for you, on what device.

One thing for sure: clicking outside the whole box closes it. The question is “why would you do that, while you are typing into it?”

So either there’s a reason why you would (even accidentally), which would be good to know, or something else is closing it that I’m not aware of yet…


I’m on an HP laptop. I am not misclicking. The cursor is in the box. I depress control-V too quickly, and the paste appears in the box, which instantly disappears. The message is gone, and it did not register in the system. (I kick myself because I know better.) I go back and depress control…V more gently (slowly), and it works. I don’t think this is really a significant system problem; it is me being too hasty.

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All I remember is that if I’m changing tabs or have multiple windows opening, assume I’m looking elsewhere for a link or to read something before coming back to the page - if I click outside the box it closes and deletes what I’ve typed. It’s inconvenient.

If you want to wait for a while until I find something to report to give you a detailed breakdown of why I accidentally close it then sure.

Oh actually I remember now. If I change widow or lose focus on the box, I can’t see the end of where I typed, the cursor and focus goes back to the start of the message, and then trying to scroll to the end of the message to continue with the mouse closes the box.

(Of course I could try using keyboard shortcuts for home and end on Mac but I don’t expect the box to randomly close using the mouse)


I’d no idea what modals were until I googled :slight_smile:

Is this relevant and/or helpful?

Is it even the same thing?

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It’s a good lead - even if only for the value of that particular kind of google line of query.

We’re not using bootstrap though, we’re using this at the moment:

… and lo and behold:



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Oh no I agree with the interpretation it just wasn’t mine

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For those following along with interest and assistance: I have wandered down a path of deja-vu to arrive at something I experienced before… neither SweetAlert’s closeOnClickOutside nor indeed OGS’s own modal control fastDissms actually seem to be able to prevent modals on OGS from closing when you click outside. At the moment from where I’m sitting it’s as if something about the OGS setup makes it happen anyhow. I’l still digging, but just FYI … if this sparks any ideas or recollections of same, by all means lets have them!

If you know of a modal instance in OGS that does NOT dismiss when you click outside, I’d love to look at it…


Probably unrelated, but I also find the opposite a bit annoying, when I share a variation with a comment in chat and I can only know if it registered by scrolling all the chat. It’s weird that it doesn’t close, I’ve happened to share multiple times the same variation sentence because I thought it didn’t take.

I agree with Gia - that post is unrelated and off topic.

Meanwhile, FYI: Improve report-raising modal by GreenAsJade · Pull Request #1481 · online-go/ · GitHub

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I don’t know what modal instances are, shoot me :woman_shrugging:

I think they’re kind of pop up boxes that cover parts of the screen, sometimes greying out or blurring the background.

I think it’s just a catch all term for those kinds of objects. (the link below just has an example you can click, the html,css,javascript not so important)

Edit: Of what I’ve seen,

  • resign
  • link to game
  • game information
  • user info (is that a modal?)
  • automatch settings
  • drop out from ladder confirmation

buttons have a modal box that behave similar to call mod close when clicking outside.

I’ll keep checking.

Oh, @GreenAsJade what about the send challenge screen? Like when you want to create a challenge against a specific player? That doesn’t close when I click outside. Similarly the create custom game popup.


Technically, a form or element is “modal” if you can’t use any other part of the application while it is open.

So our private “PM” boxes are not modal.

A modal says to the user “OK, you must deal with this now”.

Good thoughts about existing ones that don’t click away! I will look at them :slight_smile:

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Interesting - I’m proved wrong about one thing then: our own Modals do obey their “click outside” parameter.

I’m no clearer why the SweetAlert one doesn’t, yet.

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Hah - fixed. It turns out the documentation is wrong.


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