Include move number and variation in URL to game


It would be really great if it was possible to link to a specific point in a game. That is, give a url to a game, but with the url including a move number or a variation point.

Something similar to the “variation” javascript event that we can get in the chat of a game, except it would be a simple url link and thus could be usable outside of the chat of that game.

A simple use-case is being able to make reviews in Reviews requests - Online Go Forum without including a gazillion screenshots in every post. In my last post in that subforum I included 13 screenshots of the game I was reviewing.

In another review thread I included 28 screenshots in my review, and had to split my review over two posts because the forum wouldn’t let me upload that many screenshots in a single post.

Screenshots are a wasteful way to show a position. I’d rather include a text diagram or a link to the game.

(About text diagrams - I suppose I should suggest that in another post. How about something like 's diagrams or 's diagrams?)


With moves numbers it’s already a thing.
For example,

brings you to move 13.

I don’t think it’s possivle with variations.


Could this work for you as a workaround until a more specific solution comes in?


I think these animations only work for game moves, not for variation moves.


Ah, yes, you are correct.

Yes, I only added support for move number from the game main line. It would be a nice enhancement to add support for variations, I’d imagine a url structure something like gameid/45/v/1/5/v/2/7/v/2 which means at move at 45 take variation 1 then on move 5 of that variation take variation 2 etc. But that might be a pain to add to the allowed url structure so maybe as a query parameter. To make this usable the link to game dialog would need to generate it for you, which isn’t so necessary for just one move but would be nice to help people discover this feature.


That would be awesome

Maybe it would be simpler to put the actual variation move sequence in the URL, so it wouldn’t need to be an officially saved variation.

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