Incomplete AI reviews

So the last couple of days, the AI reviews are incomplete. Some moves show the suggested move (blue) and folloup, while others don’t.

At least one of my opponents reported the same problem. It happened on multiple browsers on my pc, and also safari and chrome browsers on IOS.

this game is an example. Even some of the highlighted bad moves don’t have a followup shown:

And there’s none shown at all for this game:

game of not supporters, so only 3 moves are reviewed, I see ghost alternative continuations


So I took a look at my non-private recent games and they don’t have this problem.

is it possible that private games are being treated as non-supporter games for the purposes of AI review?

I actually think with that private game example, it might be more of a clash of the two reviews. If you click the review bar itself, and choose the second review in the list, can you see blue moves, variations etc?


Yes! i had no idea that this was a thing (multiple reviews)

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I had no idea either.