Interactive Diagrams on Sensei's Library

One thing that has always irked me about Sensei’s Library is that the diagrams, while useful, are not interactive or even animated. To interact with them, you have to download the associated SGF file and open that in a separate program. The free userscript at this link fixes that. With this userscript, clicking a diagram on sensei’s library opens the associated SGF in a pop-up editor.


Interesting. Being a no brain in computer, can you just tell us how to use it?

It depends on your browser. The site the userscript is hosted on has a good guide to installing userscripts.


User script manager: just can’t find one for opera on mobile. Will the desktop version work (temper monkey) on my mobile even if opera warned ?

Time to make a second Sensei’s Library. Call it Sunsengnim Library. Please don’t use fandom.

It might work, but I doubt it. Adguard for Android appears to have a userscript manager built in, which in theory should work regardless of what mobile browser you have, but I have never tried it. I’m not aware of any other mobile userscript managers.

I will say that I did not test the userscript on mobile, and I have a feeling that those screen dimensions will cause some problems. (I would love to be wrong about that.)

Ok I’m out here but thanks for having tried to help me.

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While this is a neat trick, it’s still a bit complicated for many users to essentially mod their browser in order to amend the website, and it might not be feasible for some mobile users.

Are you part of the effort to develop this? Maybe you could work directly with the Sensei’s library team to integrate this directly into their website?

I’m really happy to see BesoGo being used to power this!


I wrote it, yes. It is really just slapped together. I even imported all of your js files separately rather than bother to combine and minify them. I’d be happy to help integrate Besogo with Sensei’s library, but I assume that there was a conscious decision not to include that functionality, given how simple it is to add it. (Also, GoWiki is PHP-based, and I know absolutely nothing about PHP, so I couldn’t do it alone.)

I guess I overestimated the popularity of userscripts, although even if I am the only one who uses it, I think it was worth the hour or two. :slight_smile:


We should also get embedded and/or interactive diagrams here in the forums :smiley:


I use the Webgoboard plugin for Chrome, and that means on downloading an sgf from any website, be it SL, OGS, KGS archives, or a pro game database it opens in the plug-in as a fully editable and explorable sgf player. Thus providing this desired interactivity on every website not just one. It has several other nice features like image or ASCII diagram export for pasting into SL or L19 forum, gif export, save as new sgf…


Is that the same thing GoUniverse runs on for KGS? It looks fairly similar.

Same developer so probably yes and reuses code.

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That does sound nice. I looked for something like that on firefox and couldn’t find anything, unfortunately.