Inviting provisional players in tournaments

I tried inviting some players to a tournament.
Rules allow provisional players.
I tried inviting some provisional players but I get the message “Player’s rank is not within what is allowed by the tournament”.
Could it be that those players have 0 games in game history? If so, is this by design?


They may have -1 ranked games in their history :wink:


Where is the link to the tournament?

Without any information about the settings the answer to any question like “Could it be, that …?” is always yes.


I can invite some provisional players, some not. It seems the not are ones with no game record.

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Hi @flovo, is there any way to know if indeed provisional players with no game record can’t be invited in tournaments?

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Try it out at

  1. Create 2 accounts there
  2. create a new tournament with one of the accounts
  3. invite the other account
  4. see if the other account received the invite

Disclaimer: I’m not to blame if beta breaks. First time there, might knock a vase or two.

  • I created a tournament with the same parameters, and it says for my own new account “Your rank is too high to join this tournament”.

  • For the test2 account when I try to send an invite it says “Player’s rank is not within what is allowed by the tournament”.
    I guess it’s because starting provisional rank is 17k (or sth) BUT

  • In the actual tournament, I could invite this user, who is provisional but with 1 ranked game, but not this player who is provisional with 1 game in history but no ranked game.

I’d guess, and I don’t know if it is indeed so, that at least one ranked game is the prerequisite to be able to be invited in tournaments.