IP bans and VPN exit nodes

OK, this is more a rant than a support request.

I’m an AirVPN user and most of the time I’m connecting to OGS from one of Air’s exits. Usually it works ok, but from time to time I’m getting that “someone somewhere was misbehaving so you can’t login” message. The block doesn’t last long, but it’s still mildly annoying. Especially because OGS first asks me for my credentials and then it tells me that someone else shares an IP with me and that somehow is my problem. I’d understand if new registrations were prohibited over shared IPs or logins for new unproven users, but why anyone would want to ban me? I simply don’t get it. :wink:
Sure, OGS is not the only site that bans VPN exits periodically, but it’s the only service I’m paying for that does this to me.

Summoning our dev demi-gods here, but I seem to remember reading something, elsewhere on this forum, about @anoek and @matburt working on better ways to prevent abuse.

I had similar issues a month ago but with a little bit of luck and a lot of research, I found out Ivacy VPN to change my IP and give me access once again. They’re even claiming to have the best Christmas VPN deal that I plan to avail in a week.

Sure, changing the exit node helps (and Air has plenty of those). Still, I don’t get why that situation even arises. It just happened again this morning. OGS lets me connect, asks for my credentials and then it tells me that I’m banned or maybe somebody else is banned. OGS isn’t sure, but it won’t let me play, just in case. If it has verified my credentials already and my account is not banned (and it’s not, as I can play from a different IP), why it even bothers to look at my IP?

Let’s say you create 10,000 fake accounts, they’re all ok and not banned. Then you go on a spree of trolling and flooding chat and forums, and just move on to the next account when one gets banned. This is the situation in which an IP ban comes into effect.

Why ask for my credentials then? Just ban the damned IP outright if you think it’s effective anti-troll measure (which I doubt, there are LOT of ways to switch the IP. Only AirVPN has exit 183 nodes, most of them still not banned :slight_smile: )

That being said I still don’t think blocking your long time (and, well, paying) users for something done by someone else is the best way to conduct business…