Just Got Banned from online-go.com. help!

Hi I was Playing and then a screenshot appeared saying that i got banned.

What should I do?
I already wrote a message to the e-mail it appears on the screenshot.

Is this a bug?

Bug. Devs are owrking on it.


Yes Thank you. Actually The same day the Admin worte me and in a couple of hours I was online again!

OGS Rocks!!! thank you very much!!


Bonjour j’ai été banni de OGS il y a à peu près 4 ou 5 mois et jaimerai que quelqu’un me deban car jaimerau bien rejouer au GO sur OGS
Merci pour les admins qui me debanerons

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Est ce possible d’être deban car je ne sais pas pourquoi j’ai été banni
Cordialement s’il vous plaît je vous en supplie

Bonjour @qt0697840. I lifted your ban because it was four months ago. You were banned for score cheating. We had observed you marking stones incorrectly and begging your opponent to accept the incorrect score (among other things). If you end your games properly, you won’t have any more trouble.


I don’t think we should be using the original thread for this – it’s not like it was marked as “Ban Complaint General”.


I don’t even think the forum in general should be, innit


you are both correct, of course, but the ironic thing is that you two are the only ones making this a bigger problem than it needs to be…