Is playing against AI with different time controls in OGS possible?

It would be nice to take my time against the AI in unranked matches while learning the game.

You can create a direct challenge to any AI and it should accept the game. Also, if you pause the clock on a game, you can still play moves, so you can take extra time that way too.


I have a problem where the AI isn’t accepting the game, is there a way I can fix this?

@Xanbar this is most likely the result of how the particular AI has been programmed (in other words, you need to probably contact the programmer). Some AI have been programmed to only accept players in certain strength categories or opponents who are not too far above or below the AI strength level.

– Musash1

Check here: AI Game Restrictions

Or visit the profile of the bot you want to play, the restrictions are usually explained there. should communicate the restrictions - such that it no longer depends on the good work of the bot administator.

It’d be nice if a bot could send a private chat message but I’m not sure the API can support that currently. And it does open the risk of spam bots.