Is there a bug in bergamot AI?

Is there something wrong with the AI named bergamot? a couple of games in a row i tried to attack inside the 4-4 point and it ended with bergamot making a big pile of its stones and then passed way before it seems logical. Is it just unlucky that i happend to do this or does it happends every time with this kind of attack?

That’s quite strange, so best would be to report to the bot owner. Sadly there is no contact in the bot profile, so i hope someone could help (OGS admins are not in charge of this normally)

Bot owners are supposed to be identified, with a separate account, on the bot profile, which suggests that that one was set up improperly.

Unless the bot was run by OGS itself, which is what these bots named after flowers are I believe.

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Since when is OGS running bots? OGS never did in the past. Why wasn’t there an announcement of that?

I thought gnugo GnuGo and fuego Fuego were administered by anoek for a long time?

Crocrobot was admin-ing some at some point a long time ago.

I think sometime around Beta testing requested for a new place for kids to play Go on more bots were added.

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Seems pretty old (2014)

Yes, crocrobot administered a couple bots for awhile. However, the official “line” when I was moderating (late 2018-May 2021) and ever since was that OGS did not administer any bots. More than one mod has continued to tell people that in the past year or two. If something has changed, there should be an announcement.