Is there a glossary of sorts for Go terms in Japanese/Chinese/Korean?

For anyone editing, though: a couple of pinyin romanisations around the cap row need to be shifted out to their own column.

Also in the dragon row.

As another note, I don’t think the Discourse table can handle a seventh column without scrunching up the text too much, so I don’t recommend adding a separate column for Korean romanisations at this point.

I made some minor edits, providing some corrections/guesses to kanji/katakana based on this list 囲碁用語一覧 - Wikipedia, and to standardize romanization of 大 as “oo” which is more usual. Also renamed the Japanese column using ISO abbreviation List of ISO 639-1 codes - Wikipedia to avoid using the other word


There is a book from Korea just for this for what I know. Don’t have the exact reference but it exists.

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My way to automatically sort didn’t work out well. So I started sorting (based on English) manually. Will do that step by step.

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Sorry, I think while sorting I broke something around

I’ve put that to the end, needs to be moved to the correct columns again I fear.

Can you see from the previous editing versions where it should go?

Thanks for the hint, I hope this has worked.

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…Guys, what have you done to this table?

A lot of the Japanese vocabulary has been disassociated for some reason and piled at the bottom.

As far as I can see, that’s the only thing that’s happened. I made it a wikipost so that people with Oriental language skills could correct mistakes, or so that fellow “laymen” could harvest more translations from Sensei’s Library, not so that the formatting could be mangled.

Can someone tell me what has actually been contributed since my last edit and why the edits shouldn’t be reverted? Especially since the alphabetisation process hasn’t happened yet.

Note: I know it’s not “my” table, but since I added almost all the content, I do feel the right to ask this.


I hope y’all sort it out, I have one note:

R. and P. are guessing games.
I know what they mean, but a few more letters so it’s easy for someone to get the meaning don’t hurt.

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I think it was just the alphabetization (all the words missing an English translation would go to the bottom in that case)

But it’s not alphabetised.

Well, the last major and stable edit was my Version 27, which separated out the pinyin column.

My opinion would be that we should revert to that version, or at least fork it off to another post in the thread so people can work on that branch if they prefer.

I dont want to do any more major work on it myself, but there are only three core things it needs:

  1. The addition of vocabulary past peep from Go Terms at Sensei's Library

  2. Alphabetisation which doesn’t destroy the formatting (nothing wrong with doing it by hand)

  3. Error-checking by proficient CJK speakers

Whether the column heading says Jap. or Jpn. isn’t all that important…

I disagree, because “Jap” is quite a loaded word in the US with sad history, there’s no reason to use it when there are alternatives. I admit I am more sensitive to this as a Japanese American with some interest in WW2 history.

Anyway I think the table got messed up by trying to automatically sort it as benjito mentioned, the previous edits look okay. (I made other edits than column heading) But do as you like of course


It appears that a staff member could revert the wiki post to a specific revision, but no one else? Revert post to a specific revision - feature - Discourse Meta
and it is hard to copy and paste from the diffs, so using Javascript I tried to extract the version after Gia’s edit (v29) here, and then added aesalon’s most recent edit (v34) of liberty row. Possibly I made a mistake but it looks right to me. This basically elides all of richyfourtytwo’s edits, apologies if any of those were not related to sorting

I won’t edit the original as now I am afraid of making a mistake with the Discourse wiki feature… it seems cumbersome to manage if you cannot undo/revert

Javascript for posterity: var xs = ""; document.querySelectorAll('.markdown td:nth-child(2)').forEach( function(x) { xs += x.innerText; }); console.log(xs);


Good job :3

Also, good catch that 大 = oo (おお). It certainly isn’t ou.

That’s a flaw of the ō romaji: you get used to ō = ou, but actually ō = oo as well. It’s a “lossy romanisation”, you might say. Even more so to just have o = お = おお = おう.

Really, ō should be reserved for ou (おう), if that’s more common, and oo should be covered by another character, like ǫ (おお).

That’s one reason I thought it was better to use the more faithful ou / oo convention.

Compare also the romanisation of せんぱい.

sempai is a phonetic transcription, but it’s obvious that m = .
senpai is orthographic, but chooses not to distinguish explicitly from n-series kana.
sen’pai does distinguish , but the information is redundant due to context.


Still no equivalent for misaeng, uncertainty is killing me :cry:

(also for some reason Chrome “search in page” doesn’t work with Hangul :unamused::woman_shrugging:, I don’t know if it works with Chinese or Japanese characters)


Sorry, That must have been me screwing things up while starting to sort. I think it was the browser misbehaving with long lines. (Or me not understanding what the browser does.)

I haven’t done anything else.

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a) nope, nothing else
b) I could think of someone else who should apologize

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Well, it’s fine.

Since the pre-sort branch is now on github, it can be pasted back into the thread.