Is there a video series for terrible beginners?


I’m a computer programmer and have been watching alpha go playing as I’m very interested in the AI but I still struggle to understand the game with the professional commentator after spending 8-10 hours reading the rules and trying go myself.

I have downloaded igowin ( the windows version ) and I can’t even beat that at 23 kyu, I keep thinking I have created an alive group and then suddenly white owns the board and my group is gone. This is on a 9x9 board with handicap stones.

I’m looking for something that shows how to play a 9x9, what moves are terrible, what moves are good. Ideally a computer program that slaps you on the wrist then goes back and shows you the proper move but I’d settle for a series of videos aimed at kids or something

Thanks a million in advance.


How about adding a "Beginners" category?

Hey, welcome to the site. First off, we have our own tutorial, which you can find on the sidebar. There’s also a lot of resources on our resources page to help teach the game.

If you have unlimited time and energy, there’s pretty much nothing better than Nick Sibicky’s beginner classes on YouTube. Sort by “oldest” and play the videos in order where he teaches the class or just pick out interesting topics one by one.

For kid-focused material, I enjoy the understated cartooning of Andy & Serra on the BadukChannelAmerica YouTube channel.



Thanks, I think I grasp the basics of the game after going through a few tutorials, my problem is when you have a board in front of you I have no idea how the rules and examples translate into games. I’ll check out the videos, cheers

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Nutsu Fuego (Easy)

As another beginner, I know exactly what you mean. Here are four YouTube videos that I found helpful for playing 9x9.


Go Resources for Starting Out

Thanks a million!



You’re welcome :smiley: . I’ve also just posted a list of other resources for beginners, which you can find here: Free Resources for Beginners



I’d keep trying things with igowin.

Part of the process is learning through trial and error and that is a start.

I’m a computer programmer myself and would be glad to play a teaching game if you willing to play correspondence. PM, or just send a challenge. If challenging, Fischer time with 1 day added per move with a max of at least 3 days and Unrated. I’ll provide comments as we go. Undo can allow us to back up and try again.

Welcome to the server.

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Thanks! I tried to set up the teaching game but couldn’t find unrated as an option and I also couldn’t find the pm function, it’s probably staring me in the face



It’s the “ranked” thing. If it’s unchecked then it doesn’t count towards ranking points.
You can PM someone by first searching them with the search and then clicking the name and a “minimenu” will appear. Click on the chat bubble



It’s on a full 19x19 board, not 9x9, but chrisc36’s DeepGo DCNN go bot (~7k) (HTML and JS, online) shows you what moves it thinks is best, if you check Show Analysis. If you uncheck Auto Move, it’ll also let you set up a local position without interfering.



This also might be helpfull…

The Interactive Way To learn Go.