Is there any place to learn how to use the Analyse Mode?

Hello, Is there any place to learn how to use the Analyse Mode? Tutorial ?
Basicaly I want to know what is the meaning of that numbers that appear in the board during the analysis of a game.

Go is amazing and I want to learn more.

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Hey Bruno! Our documentation linked below breaks down the meaning behind those numbers during in-game analysis. The link above does the same for post-game analysis. Happy learning! Go is a deep and fantastic game.

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OGS documentation is accessible at any time from the main menu here

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I wonder how the “Key moves” are picked. Almost any game I tried to go over, they seem to have very little relationship to the swings/precipices in the graph, and are much less useful then just going directly to the graph and choosing a move within those swings.

An example:

Here, the important moment for me is of course moves 120-125 where I went from winning to losing. But none of the key moves is in that range; moreover, the last 3 key moves (fully 1/2 of them!) show no difference at all as to quality of the alternatives.

I believe we had some discussion a year or so ago, when it swapped from using winrate to score.

I might argue the opposite. I don’t think the important moment is when you go from winning to losing, if that’s the criteria every time you make a 1 point mistake that flips who’s winning by 0.5 point is the “most important”, while missing a 20 point atari, or a one move life and death problem that cost 20 points, I would argue are worth highlighting and revisiting for either player, no matter if they were still winning after the mistake or not.

Hence I see these score spikes as important moves

White should consider why n2 at this moment isn’t very good

and not why this atari brought them from technically winning to technically losing for instance

(You’re not playing White in this game, but I’m just giving an example.)


Thanks, that looks relevant indeed. Will read it in detail.



If you have any suggestions as well someone might be able to implement it, @benjito made a good improvement I think over how it was before that I would say :slight_smile: