Isn't it weird the games in my history show current rank of the player?

Shouldn’t it be the rank of the players at the time the games were played?
When you look at old kifus they always show their rank at the time of the game…



Yes, you are not the first one to notice that:


Hello baelofoax,

That was careless of me, not checking before posting. Thanks for telling me about the site’s uservoice. I’ll vote there myself then.

No need to apologize! :wink:
It’s a planned update, so you can vote for something else. I myself would like to see this fixed, it’s confusing.
However, if you open the game, the ranks (and even the names) are as they were at the moment of win, so there’s that at least.

Yes. It would be nice. I just wanted to make a topic about that but I saw that there is already similar topic. So, have it been implemented and there is some option to change that or is it still work in progress?

Any changes? This is really strange “feature”. I like to call it a bug.