Issues on my iPhone

The latest issue is that the “Top game changing moves” sometimes disappear.

I think this is only the latest result of another problem, so let me explain what I’m using to play on OGS with my iPhone 5S.

The screen is quite small (4,6’) so I tried to avoid everything was unnecessary on the screen, in order to see the goban as big as possible.
No coordinates, as an example.
But I found out a nice feature on Safari: “Add to home”. It creates a shortcut on the home screen of the phone which opens itself in a kind of “full screen” mode: no bars for URL address (on top) and for navigation (on bottom: back to previous page, change tab, private mode and so on).

That’s nice, but it seems to have problems.

One is that I can’t force the refresh of a page. In Safari you swipe down to refresh but in the “home” mode it doesn’t work.
Since OGS stores some data locally, this also implies that I can’t see immediately my rank changes after a game because I can’t refresh the page (the new rank shows up only after a full refresh).

Before last phone update also the “back” command didn’t work. In Safari you can swipe right to go back to the previous page. But in the “home” mode it didn’t work. Now it does and I’m very happy about that.

So the “home” mode isn’t perfect and one issue appeared after OGS implemented the new AI analysis: sometimes, I don’t know why, this feature disappears and I don’t know an effective way to have it back. If I open OGS in Safari in the standard mode, it’s there. In the “home” mode it isn’t.

I’m pretty sure that it would appear again if I was able to force a refresh, since I believe it’s someting that involves cookies someway (does it make sense?).
But I can’t!
It happened twice in the last (maybe) 10 days and I managed to have it back by fooling around with the phone (closing apps, moving icons, moving shortcut and so on) but I don’t actually know what did work. Now it’s back.
I didn’t try to log off and on. Maybe that would work.
I also don’t know how to reproduce the issue, so I’ll wait until next time.

So I think my biggest question is: how could I force a full refresh if the swipe-down doesn’t work?
I understand that this isn’t actually an OGS issue, since it’s caused by my browser. But maybe talking about it can help someone else other than me.

The secondary question is: is it possible that the AI feature is someway cookie-related or buffer-related? This looks strange to me.

Try starting with your finger on the top part of the nav bar and then swipe down from there. That works for me (though I’m in chrome on Samsung S7).

Fully closing the app (ending its process) and reopening should force I refresh I think.

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