Joseki Dictionary update 2019-07-17 - "Play" mode

Hi All,

There’s a new beta version of Joseki Dictionary on the beta server.

This addresses the issues from the last update, and (more importantly?) introduces “a reasonable version of ‘Play mode’”

To try out “Play” mode, which is intended for learning joseki sequences

  • Make sure you select “Joseki: position is settled” in the “Filter” first
    • (It’s the funny little filter funnel icon in the top right area)

I am about to make it so that this is how it works automatically.

If you don’t do that, you can get short sequences or other boring things offered to you.

If you do do that, then you should be able to play through joseki, and

  • get told when you made a mistake
  • get told what the available options were
  • have the opportunity to back step and try again

There are still a few things to take care of before this goes live on the main server, but feedback welcome as always in the meantime.


Known issues:

  • Play mode should be filtering for Joseki by default
  • Should not be able to “Pass” after making a mistake in Play mode
  • The currently selected Category should not be in the list twice when editing