Jumping the gun

Hi guys - Brightwave and I have just played our first feb game. Are we early? - both of us are happy to replay if need be.

This is the game - Not sure what to do next…

I think we are supposed to report the game results via the Challonge system.

However, on Challonge (at least for my group), the start date is listed as “February 2, 2015 at 7:00 PM EST” and it appears that we are currently in some sort of preliminary phase as it says “Check-in: Underway Now”. Also, when I click on a match details for a game, it says “Time and location can be set once the tournament is started.”.

It seems that February leagues are supposed to have started by now, so I guess we can start playing games? Maybe we just have to wait a bit before we can report the results though?

I have aborted the check-in process on Challonge, which proved ineffective.

@SgtSunshine, please log your game into your class! Refer to the Challonge tutorial for steps.

@yebellz, This was meant to start on Feb 1… :slight_smile: You can start playing now!

Thanks - On it now…

Edit - done :slight_smile:

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