TNL's new scheduling/reporting system walkthrough!

##Hello all!

###As you have known, we will officially switch to Challonge, starting from February 2015, in order to improve the efficiency and simplicity of the scheduling/reporting system. This means that the forum will NO LONGER be a place for scheduling and reporting; however, we would like to keep the forum as a place for feedback, comments and suggestions.

###So here we go! Feel free to like the tutorial! :smile: Took me hours to finish it… ~xhu98

##Challonge Setup

First, you need a Challonge account. Please set your username IDENTICAL to your OGS username, in order for us to locate your account conveniently. If your OGS name is taken, please consider tweaking a bit (e.g. if xhu98 is taken, I can try xhu98_ or xhu98TNL.) If that is the case, please report your new Challonge username to me. If we are unable to find your account, we will not be able to put you in the brackets for the league (and you won’t be able to compete,) so this is very important!
Set a safe email and password which you are comfortable with. You can also sign up with Facebook or Twitter, but remember to double-check your Challonge username afterwards!

TIP: You DO NOT need to set your time zone to UTC; set it to your own time zone at home! :smile: And remember to agree to the Terms of Service.

Now that you have signed into Challonge, here’s what the window looks like. In the screenshot, there’s only a “Test” tournament; in your case, it should be the TNL class “tournament” you are invited to.

You should be able to see a list of all tournaments on our own TNL homepage:

Inside your class is a round-robin tournament, with everyone in your class added to the tournament list. Each player plays every other player exactly once, just like the way league rules regulate. If a game bracket has two “?”'s, then it is not scheduled/finished

##Scheduling and reporting a game

This is only an example…Me and @Fairgo aren’t going to exactly play at the time in the screenshots :stuck_out_tongue:

  • First, locate the game you are about to schedule from the class page.
  • Click on either question mark; a pop-up window will appear.
  • UPDATE: Due to an issue on Challonge, we have decided to permanently cancel the league time reporting procedure. Just remember to schedule and attend your games properly! :smile:
  • If your opponent failed to show up at the scheduled time, wait for 30 minutes and then report the no-show to me via OGS or Challonge. An unexcused no-show will result in a “strike,” and three strikes equal a disqualification from the league.
    TIP: For a correct league game setup for February’s TNL, refer to the screenshot below. (EXAMPLE ONLY: me vs. @calantir :smile:)
  • Players MUST attach a link to their game by clicking on the “Attachments” tab and adding a link. Additionally, they can upload up to 4 SGF files (Attachment type: File) of game reviews, or add any caption/reflections (Attachment type: Text) which they might have!

  • After a game is finished, please report the winner under the “Report Scores” tab. The results will be automatically updated on the class page; there will be a checkmark in every bracket (after the winner’s username.) Keep in mind, there are absolutely no ties.

  • You only have the permission to schedule/report your own games; should any violation of the rules happen, the admins will have the power to override falsified reports and decide the outcome of the game in question.

##User Actions
You can tweak many options in your own favor!

  • Change your username/Resign from the League
    Choose “Your Settings” from the left menu bar, and edit your display name. Or, you can click on the red “Unregister” button to remove yourself from your class. Prior to this action, a user must inform one of the admins in advance; only after an admin approves should a user change his/her username, in order to avoid unexpected confusion. An unregistering action is irreversible, so be careful out there and tell the admins first before you have to reluctantly pull out of the league!

  • View class standings
    A standing list can be found from the left menu bar; however, it might not exactly reflect the admins’ final decision in terms of promoting and demoting players. Hover on the score names for an explanation of how each number is calculated from your performance.

  • Messaging on Challonge
    You are free to message other players (including the admins) on Challonge, as an alternative to OGS private messaging. In addition, you can message me for the no-show reports. (Hello there, @Oni! :blush:)

  • Starting a Discussion on Challonge
    An alternative to the OGS forum, yet using the latter is strongly recommended. However, this might be a clever way to schedule games in small groups/classes!

  • Setting up your Profile and Receiving Notifications
    Feel free to customize your Challonge profile! Note that you are free to set your time zone to your OWN local time zone, not necessarily UTC. Another cool feature to mention here is “Email new match notifications,” which allows Challonge to send you reminder emails prior to the start of your league games! Thus, you should check this feature out! (pun intended)

  • Challonge On-site Notifications
    You can also check out Challonge’s native notification system.

  • Class Log
    The class log puts a timestamp on every action, so you can easily track down the timeline of schedulings/reschedulings, admin decisions and results. (Again, NO TIES! The reported tie in the log was only for experimental purposes.)

###Thanks everyone for reading! Have fun using this new and awesome system! Developers, don’t hesitate to explore possibilities using the Challonge API! :smile: :sunny: :heart:


Very well put-together tutorial xhu! And just in time. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one wondering how the heck this challonge thing was gonna work :wink:

Thanks ^^



When I log into challonge and open, I currently (Jan 30th) see only the test tournament. Do I understand correctly that the tournaments for the 22 classes will appear there in early February after you have sorted out who plays in which class?

Great tutorial by the way, thanks!

Joachim (yellow)

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Hey @yellow,

You are right! All brackets will be carried out on February 1. :smile:

The set time and location button seems to be missing?

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Hey @Sadaharu,

###UPDATED ON February 1:

###Due to an issue on Challonge, we have decided to permanently cancel the league time reporting procedure. Just remember to schedule and attend your games properly! :smile:

We must play rounds in time order or (for ex.) play first round 5 and laterd round 2?

My understanding is that the round numbers are irrelevant for the purposes of this tournament and can be ignored. That’s just what I remember reading in one of the posts, though.

I’d like to encourage everyone to do reviews or get reviews done by stronger players, and to post them in match results. That’s where the learning is going to happen!

@felipem @Samraku Correct, round numbers do not matter. Play in whichever order you wish! :smile:

@saxmaam Currently we have a proud team of TNL teachers…Feel free to ask them for reviews or join the crew yourself! :blush:

I don’t see the button Set Time and Location, in Match Details, but I can mark who win. I am logged in challonge.


“Match Details->Attachment->Description” can be used for time report. It is seen at logs when a description is added, anyway still some works for admins.

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