Just Go on Steam

I feel like I’ve raved about this previously, but I don’t see a thread anywhere so in case not… ‘Just Go’ on Steam has a nice look and feel even if the analysis tools are not the greatest according to some people. (I am some people). Tried the OGS interface today, didn’t play but even in observe mode it’s pretty slick.

Behold : screenshots from random OGS games…


I recently purchased it at a discount (like 10% or 20% off). It has a pretty interesting concept, it’s actually quite enjoyable.

So far, my only issue with it is that when you create a profile for “Career Mode” it has a very limited number of countries listed for no good reason. Mine is nowhere to be seen.

I wonder where you can contact the devs for feedback. Maybe they’ll patch it in if I ask.


Wow i thought these were real, amazing looking game!

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Possibly the steam discussion pages

or on the store page it gives a link to a discord. That could possibly be a good place.

Or it seems there’s a “contact us” form on their website https://www.studio-amateur.com


Thanks. I was already on the discord, actually, but I couldn’t find a link to their official website.

I guess I’ll make a thread on the discussion page about it or something.

Nice design. The second example made me laugh. :smile:

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I recently got this as well. I really like the graphics. Personally, my main issue is just not being able to see chat. Also being able to turn on coordinates for all the scenes would be cool. I also had problems with the game not updating when my opponent moved, requiring a restart. I think that may have been due to opening the game in a browser to see chat but I haven’t played enough to tell. Maybe the API doesn’t play nice with two connections or something? Idk I’m not a programmer.

Easily worth the 10 bucks just for the slick 3d graphics imo. It’s almost 2023 guys we deserve a nice 3d experience. Those chess dorks have all kinds of options! Come on programmers, let’s use that engineering degree you can’t seem to shut up about. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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