Ladder challenge timed out, has no effect


I recently challenged someone in a ladder

He didn’t make a single move, so the game was timed out and annulled.

Now I wanted to challenge someone else, but to my surprise this person is still at the same spot in the ladder. I almost challenged him/her again, but I suspect that would then be equally disappointing.

I thought a timeout resulted in being dropped from the ladder, or is the first move an exception?

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Report the game to a moderator. This is a known problem.

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OK thanks for the suggestion, I just did that.

Should be corrected now, sorry about that.

Thanks for fixing this.

I understand now that it sometimes happens because of a bug, and remembered a few things that might help in tracking this down.

When the game had just timed out, I noticed that my position had indeed moved up in the ladder.

Only just this morning I noticed I was back at my former position.

So I am now wondering if perhaps the ‘annulling’ of the game happens sometime later, and that maybe that causes these unintended effects as well?