Ladder is much more than fun, and here's why

I joined the 19x19 ladder four months ago, and in this relatively short time have developed a full-grown and exclusive addiction to it. I wanted to share the reasons why, because seems to me more players should join it, and many of those who have joined could enjoy it more. Disclaimer : this is the viewpoint of a DDK, playing against DDK. Not sure if it is shared by stronger players, but curious to know.

The time settings of the game fit me perfectly. Games last generally about a month, which is the time it takes for me to enjoy them, munching over variations, etc. In real time games, I just don’t have the time to realize what happens. Too slow brain.

The number of games in which you can be engaged at the same time (maximum six) is perfect.

Finding one’s way up the ladder is a game by itself, akin to mountaineering. You have to figure an optimal path upwards, monitoring whom you could challenge next. The first steps are quite easy, but the higher you get, the more challenging it becomes. You know that at some point it will be almost impossible to get further up, and you’ll have to fight not to fall down.

Most important maybe, you soon find a small world of friends whom you have challenged or who challenged you, with whom you maintain a permanent and friendly emulation, jumping ahead of each other, commenting each other’s games and results etc. Most (all) players I’ve played in ladder games were friendly, fair play, seriously engaged, and enjoyed both the game and conversation along the games.

In a nutshell, I would say the ladder so far gives me the impression of gathering a kind of aristocracy (in the good original sense of the term) of players (independently of their ranking).

But maybe I was just lucky so far.


I’m having a similar experience.


Hey @GreenAsJade I jumped over your head without seeing you :wink:
Looking forward to a challenge from you!

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It’s also a good way to challenge strong players to learn


Arght okay, stop your propaganda, I’m in.:confused:


Have fun :sunglasses:

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MUHAHAHA I will look for you guys.

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Cheeky! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hell, I gave up in all my games and got into the ladder after reading this text.

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I agree with about everything you said.

I enjoied very much climbing the 9x9 and 13x13 ladders but I wasn’t happy when I got stuck.
Staying for longtime in the same position is a little boring and someway depressing: you fall down very slowly because of new players jumping over and also you have to defend your place, which I found not very interesting.

So, after reaching about the 30th position in both ladders I lost the passion and eventually left.
I’m still in the 19x19 site ladder, where I’m much lower position, but starting to feel the same taste.
It seems that the 19x19 ladder has much many strong players than the others, so I’m #110 and it’s difficult to find an appropriate opponent. I don’t feel like I could challenge 6k or even more and bother them with hopeless tries.

My new toy are tournaments and I’m very happy with it, except for the measureless time it takes to end one! :sleeping:


No kidding!

Don’t spoil the fun. Maybe I’ll get there at some point, maybe not.
“Il faut imaginer Sisyphe heureux”.


Didn’t mean to spoil the fun. Sorry.

Sisyphus must be happy because he’s starting again his struggle and the struggle is his life!
Maybe I’m really there: I reached the top (the higher I could reach) and now I’m returning to the foot of the mountain. :wink:


No problem, was just joking. BTW there is another approach proposed by Zen koans.
Not sure it’s easier than the Happy Sisyphus one.

“If you want to climb a mountain, begin at the top,” says one.
“When you get to the top of the mountain, keep climbing,” suggests another.

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Learn the form, but seek the formless.
Hear the soundless.
Learn it all, and forget it all.
Learn the way, and then find your own way.
The musician can have kung fu, or the poet, who paints pictures with words and makes emperors weep.
This too is kung fu.
But do not name it, my friend. For it is like water.
Nothing is softer than water, yet it can overcome rock.
It does not fight, it flows along the opponent.

dunno, seemed fitting :slight_smile:


Sounds like Bruce Lee’s, right?

Partially, yes. It is a mix of several quotes I believe.

I am in. +1

One year after …

I’m still addict to the 19x19 ladder, although at some point a few months ago, I had the same feelings @lysnew expressed. Solution I found was to take an opportunity to jump off, and start anew from the bottom, like some happy Sisyphus. BTW I figured then that the number of participants has grown quite a lot. Almost 1500 as of today!

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Me too - jumped off a week or so back, will climb back up again :slight_smile: