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There’s this channel that does go videos with computer-generated voice. It’s quite useful because first of all, everything is subtitled so you can actually understand what’s being said. And it’s edited down so you don’t have to waste you time.

Another high level blitz game

And another #2, they’re generous today

I want to emphasize that this game is commentated by Cho Chikun. Too bad I can’t understand Japanese, he’s a lot of fun.

3:55 tea
9:10 I wonder what’s that nyuu word she uses, no matter how carefully I listen, I don’t understand
9:50 Cho Chikun doesn’t study with AI?..
14:45 funny noises
17:20 more noises
19:40 last second


Hey, I wanna offer you a video. It’s related to Ukraine but it’s not annoying politics. It’s about this Japanese photographer going to Ukraine to take photos. I like the style. Compared to action-filled videos a lot of people are drawn to these days, this one takes itself slowly, with pauses. Reminds me of some Takeshi Kitano movies where for some seconds he just stares into the space meaningfully.

And it fits into language learning because he talks in Japanese but subtitled in Ukrainian. So you can practice both languages at the same time. And as someone who doesn’t particularly know either, I gotta say Japanese is easier to understand with Ukrainian subtitles; and Ukrainian subtitles are easier to understand with Japanese voice-over. Well, I see there’s a version with English subtitles too but what’s the fun in that?

Apparently he already returned to Japan and set up a photo exhibition and gives talks and such. You can google it on youtube.

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According to Treccani, the latter is derived from the former and more used now.

I don’t think I ever heard “inaudibile” but we use commonly “inaudito” as “never heard/seen/happened before”.

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Wow, really?
I would have said it’s more common than “inudibile”. And I think I have seen it more than “inaudito” (that is just its adjective). But maybe I’m wrong, I dont know.
I think I should try learning Italian.

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How about memes. Took me some to come up with this one lol



Shouldn’t the G’s be ム instead, so it’s all katakana? Seems still readable to me as a G, with some effort (but similar effort is needed to see a D in ワ)

Nah, I went the lazy way and found already made font. I didn’t come up with it in that sense.

Reminds me of those “Asian restaurant” styles of fonts

On a related note, I find it funny how in manga sometimes non-Asian foreigners talk horizontally to show they speak different language.

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I wondered what’s written behind the clock, 行雲

Apparently that’s the name of the room.

You can see the prices here: 5F | 施設案内 | 囲碁の日本棋院