Last time here (POLL)🕓

So every go servers don’t have to be the same but still i like very much the indicator in the profile on kgs of online presence

It’s a automated switch between

Last time seen on OGS: date/hour/mn or hidden by player¹

Would be great to have it here on OGS too.
Especially if you consider that OGS run a lot of correspondance games.

If some would think this is a personal info i don’t want to share, option to hide in setting is a easy implement to satisfy everyone. Even don’t need to debate if it is a personal info.

¹: the hiding option is not a feature on kgs

Please vote
  • I would appreciate the last time stamp with the option to hide it
  • I would appreciate the last time stamp without option to hide it
  • I don’t want time stamp.
  • I don’t care

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Yeah, I’ve wanted this before too. We have a lot of “members” in the OGS group for our real life club but many are members from years gone by who have now left. It would be nice to prune these members from the OGS group but I don’t want to remove people who are still active on OGS (even if they aren’t around in our local area anymore). I can check their game history but that is less reliable than last access as they might have logged on but not played a game.

Plus, it’s nice to see if someone is stalling or just hasn’t been online to play their move.

Also, FYI, here’s my obligatory comment about what DGS does…

Each game has opponent’s last access in the game list on the homepage:


Both games are their turn so you see last move is time of last move by either player (me in both cases here). Opponent last access is time they last were online. So you can see top game, opponent hasn’t been on since it was their move; bottom game, they have.

And on the DGS profile page of a user, there is a general indicator of how active they are, e.g.

The DGS FAQs have this to say about it:


Along with being able to hide this, some might also prefer to hide their online status as well.


This would be a FANTASTIC feature. So many of my ladder challenges have been ending in timeout, and it would be so much easier to find someone to challenge on there who would actually play me if something like this were implemented.

It would also be great to be able to tie this in to tournaments - have an option on there to only allow people of a certain activity level or higher, to keep things moving appropriately.


seems good, but going to play devils advocate purely because thats something that must be done for most things.

  1. storage and processing issues. adding a clock to all profiles may be detrimental in this regard. the consequences in my mind are vague but potentially BAD

  2. how would we calculate existing times? do we insead put an asterisk on all the clocks saying “*system implemented at TIME?” false information is bad

i had others but i will place these here for now

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1: very cheap.
2: very easy
In my opinion there is no technical.difficulties…
Only one is to find someone with the goodwill and time to implement it.

and the long reaching moral implications. slight influences and all that, although the ability to turn it off is good.

There will still be one problem: when you don’t want to show that you prefer to hide as to tell.

The perfect system doesn’t exist and with hiding at your will, the personal info is not displayed.

Other thing is can we consider your last presence as a personal info? It is created by coming here, so not a secret to OGS. It’s not like a birth date.

Using your birth date to adapt my strategy is not fine (unless you agree to display it) but using your last time stamp is and useful too for other things, like chosing/planning my games…

Now i feel that still someone can be reluctant to show his last presence stamp for other external reasons (family, work…) so that option to hide it.


Now it seems to not having been requested yet with the indicator we have already (i may be wrong ofc)


Added a poll in the very first post

Please vote (direct link)

Yes I think it can be interesting to see if players would appreciate even more information.
Let’s poll it (login here, for logout see poll of first post)

Last login displayed
  • Yes
  • No
  • Undecided

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For each game, display a time stamp of the last move played
  • Yes
  • No
  • Undecided

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Please don’t forget your vote in the first post too!

With regards to the last move played timestamps, I imagine that would be far less concerning (from a privacy perspective), since it is already revealed by an email notification and/or by the time remaining on the clock (in some cases). These timestamps might also be already available via the API, but I’m not too sure.

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I am bit afraid that people are missing the first poll on the first post.

First poll (first post): was about a timestamp on logout, when quitting OGS, the first idea.

The second poll was about timestamp when logging in OGS, so a complementary idea of the first poll. When arriving on OGS.

The third about timestamps for moves in each game.

You confused me now.

I never log out.

“Last time on site” should reflect the last time that the server saw a transmission from your account.

This should be uncontroversial - it is common enough (eg StackOverflow).

I think it would be a Good Idea.

I didn’t want to vote in the poll (*), because I think we should have it, and don’t care whether or not it has an able-to-be-hidden option (as long as it is clear that the result is hidden, rather than that the person hasn’t been here).

(*) but I couldn’t see how to retract my vote.


Not strictly true. You need to find someone with access to the server code, to implement it… and it may not be easy, because the server is a hetergenous set of back end services…


Well to explain login/logout, login is when the little online indicator that we have now is put on green, and logout when he becomes grey. Don’t know how it works exactly.

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This is not the case :slight_smile:

  • Login is when you type in your username and password.
    ** Now the server recognises your browser as you.

  • Logout is when you click on the logout button.
    ** Now the server does not recognise your browser as anyone.

  • Green light in PM dialog: means that the server has seen a message from your browser very recently

  • Grey light in PM dialog: means the server hasn’t seen you recently, and thinks you are no longer “on the site”.
    ** But you may be still logged on - if you visit, you will not have to log in again.

  • Green light on game page: means the server has a connection to your browser on this page. The server thinks you have a tab open on this page.

  • Grey light on game page: means the server does not see you on this game page.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I think last seen on site should be the time at which the green light on PM dialog goes from green to grey.


Well yes it’s a bit more complicated as i thought.

Me too i never login/logout i used these words by simplification. Like if you have some OGS page open in your browser or not.

I guess there should be ways to manage that.

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What about the green light next to my friends in the friends list?


Just the same, I’d think …
… namely that the server sees that you are “present”, i.e. online on OGS, like the green light in a game means that the opponent is also currently on this particular game page (nice opportunity BTW to say “hi” :slight_smile: ).

Maybe, instead of “the server has a connection” or “the server sees you” or something, we should just use “[[device] assumedly] online”—and this would be true even if I just have an OGS tab open but went out for a walk with the dog …


That may just be ‘logged in’, given that it never goes gray with one person on there.