Leela Zero progress thread


Okay ELF v2 has about 90% winrrate against LZ current best


20-game match LZ15#160 v LZ15_ELF2 at time parity.

5 minutes per game (1xGTX1080), noponder, komi 7.5

ELF2 wins 18:2 (90% , 10 wins as W, 8 wins as B)


I think our testing so far has shown often 20 games is not enough to see true difference


For anyone curious, LZ progress continues unabated. While the increase to 20-block nets didn’t yield an initial strength improvement, predictions that the increased network size would allow for further improvement seem to have been correct. There have now been 2 natural promotions of stronger net-to-net trained Leelas with a self-play Elo approaching 12000.

Interestingly, there’s also an incredibly strong 40-block network that’s been trained from a combo of the Elf and Leela games, which is on par with the new version of Elf for strength. While the project isn’t quite ready to switch from 20-block networks to 40-block networks just yet, in part because 40-block networks are twice as slow, game data generated by the 40-block network will be used to speed up progress in the 20-block series, in a similar manner to how Elf data is being used.


Very fascinating. Always love to read updates in this thread, so please feel free to keep them coming :slight_smile:


And somewhere out there is a Deepmind researcher who lets AZ play the currently strongest open source bots, just for fun…