Letter to OGS community to support Ukraine

Hi! Many of you might know me, and it might be a surprise that I’m Ukrainian. My country is at war since February 24th, people are being killed, cities destroyed. I am in a relatively safe location, but it can change. I follow news daily(this is a necessity for survival) and the amount of suffering I see is beyond words. Just take a look at this video Zelenskiy showed to US Congress: WATCH: Ukraine President Zelenskyy’s Full Address To U.S. Congress - YouTube , (this is so painful to watch again…) . This… is just a drop in the ocean of horror and pain happening right now that people are exposed to.

Let me quote Zelenskiy:

We are fighting for our survival against one of the largest armies in the world. Against missiles, bombs and rocket artillery. Against the occupiers who shoot refugees on the roads. Who kill ordinary civilians, create artificial famine for entire cities, burn residential areas. This is the worst war in Europe since World War II.

And this is the truth. Read about Mariupol. They have made that place hell. People are out of food and water, they can’t leave, citizens are being kidnapped. This should not be tolerated!

I ask for help.

Stand with Ukraine Bundle at
allows you to get many cool games like Satisfactory, Metro Exodus, and Slay the Spire. All profits are donated to Ukraine humanitarian relief efforts. It's 40$ minimum, but you can pay as much more as you want.

Official fundraising account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine:


Support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

https://donate.thedigital.gov.ua/ donate cryptocurrency

https://supportukrainenow.org/ various ways you can support Ukraine, it lists petitions, etc.,

What’s the point of donating if all the countries are sending millions and billions of dollars to support Ukraine? The issue is that this help doesn’t arrive fast enough. Thus it makes sense to donate in my opinion.

I encourage you to make sure links you donate to are legitimate.

Thanks even if you just checked this message out.


War in Ukraine is not just a local conflict. Check out this video , clearly shows that Russia poses a threat to Europe. What I’m trying to say is that everyone should be concerned.


We initially decided to close this thread, and then to unlist it, because we were afraid of what might have happened in the comments and some of us didn’t really want to incite military support. After some discussion, we decided to reopen this thread and leave it unchanged.
Also, we have changed the OGS logo to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people, who we feel are unjust victims of this war.


NPR has also put together a nice list of charities for helping the people of Ukraine

Here are some other organizations also helping in Ukraine:


yes, sadly there is a war going as we all know. Peace for UKRAINE!


I am very happy that OGS decided to support Ukraine. The war happened because Russian propaganda won and many people remained quiet.


I am happy too, it is a shame we did not support Iraq.


Oversimplification; naïve to assume that the enemy of my enemy must be my friend.


This is a page of the Ukrainian Go Federation that explains how you can support them:



Re-upping this.

I donated to Come Back Alive and would recommend this as a useful way to help. They are very active and also transparent, constantly providing updates and sharing information on income and expenditure.


Can you provide a link to their accounting? It’s good if, as you say, they are being transparent about how donations are used, since some people will want to help with humanitarian relief for those injured, bereaved, displaced and otherwise harmed by the ongoing strife, but may not wish to contribute to funding provision of lethal aid in the form of weapons and ammunition. The phrase “Ukrainian defence” suggests military assistance.

I notice that the go teachers who are offering go lessons in exchange for donations say those funds are specifically for the families of the contestants in the EYGC who were stranded in the Czech Republic, but give no information at all on the donation page about how they will ensure that that is how the money will be spent or any other details of the fund, where it is held and who controls it.


The links to the income and expenditure data are on this page:

Scroll down to where it says “COME BACK ALIVE’S FINANCIAL STATEMENTS”

There are details of what they will and won’t fund on the main page:

They provide regular updates on how they are using donations via twitter:


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