Link to a variation?

We can link to a move.

Is there a way to link to a variation?


Not that I know of, but I’d love that!


I didn’t add it. Thought about it as an enhancement but didn’t do it. Probably would encode the move number and variation number in the url recursively e.g 92v1/95v3 means at move 92 take 1st variation then at move 95 take 3rd.


It would be really great. One of the reasons it would be is that markings on the board are coded in the variation - this would allow us to point at a marked-up board.


I have a stupid suggestion (I should be working).
Could the timestamp of the chat line that includes the variation in question be used in some way?


When a variation is posted in the game’s chat, isn’t that a link?

I just tried, but I can’t copy it… what kind of stuff is that???
It looks like a link, I always thought it was.

No it looks like a link, but it’s just a span styled like a link.

I think it’d be relatively intuitive to make it so that when you right click the variation, you have the option to copy link (whatever that ends up looking like). Anyone know how to do that without making clicks redirect?

Yeah I think that’s an option. There’s also id’s associated with each chat line if we just need something unique.


PHP can change elements without reloading the page, right? Though there’s probably some fancy modern way to do that with html5 or css3 :man_shrugging:


Sure yeah, that’s what the React is for :slight_smile: but how would I make a link that only behaves like a <a href=... /> when I right click?

EDIT: these are the options I’m looking for:

JavaScript, php is server side, so requires reloading the page.

There’s an onRightClick event listener, pretty sure.

Maybe search for react right click context menu :man_shrugging:

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I’m searching! Not sure if I’m finding…

Here’s a jquery solution, we’ll see if I can figure out something that’s just React…

EDIT: Bingo! Shouldn’t be to hard to call preventDefault(); in the onClick handler.

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That’s the trouble with search engines and programming, if you don’t already know what you’re looking for it’s hard to find :rofl: