New feature: skip to move with url

I recently added a new feature, which is now live on OGS, that lets you conveniently link to a particular move number in a game by appending it to the game url, e.g. will skip to move 92 in that game when you open it. Hopefully you find this useful when sharing links to particular moments in games in forums, chat or social media e.g. to ask for help with a particular position or sharing a move you are proud of.

One thing which isn’t working yet is using them in the OGS chat rooms (one of my main use cases!): the usually helpful game link shortcut formatter ends up breaking them, so that’s on my to-do list to fix.

P.S. internet cookies to whoever recognises the very cool tesuji of my example link :grinning:


Could you make it so, that the “link to the game” on right side pop-up panel would also make a link with move number?




That’s awesome, @Uberdude, thank you! :pray: :bowing_man:‍♂


One major problem with this was when such game links with move numbers were pasted into the OGS chat window (a common intended use case) the feature intended to make links pretty would actually mangle and break them. After many months I have finally made a pull request to address this, so hopefully that will get merged and go live soon. Add support for the move number suffix of game urls in the chat windo… by ajcsimons · Pull Request #1497 · online-go/ · GitHub


Can’t believe I didn’t know about this for ten months, damn. Needs linking in the OGS shortcuts thread.

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Where is that thread?