Linking to a specific move

Hello, there was an announcement about linking to a specific move - New feature: skip to move with url - Announcements - Online Go Forum (

However the current default URL for a game includes /view which is not mentioned in the post above.

I want to link to move 26 in this game - Game Finished ( … but I do not want to manually edit the URL and remove /view from it… that seems tedious. … i can remove /view and get what i want - Game Finished (

but again, that seems horribly tedious. Please advise on how to skip to a default move by simply adding something to this URL

bug, indeed




They don’t for me. Where are you seeing that?

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on Tournament page games include “/view/”

I was not playing a tournament game. I simply clicked “Live” and was matched with someone. When the game was complete, the URL was which does not allow one to simply append /26 to go to move 26 in the game.

Looks like Tournaments, Automatch and the Incident Reports send the user there:

OGS should really unify these - there is not much purpose to have different routes besides backwards compatibility.

Created a “good first issue” at Unify game links · Issue #2700 · online-go/ · GitHub