Link to OGS from the new forums

I note that when I click on the OGS logo at the top left of the forum i am returned to the forum home page rather than the OGS homepage. In fact, I don’t see how to return to OGS from the forums without opening my bookmarks. I’m not suggesting the link isn’t there - merely that if it is I haven’t found it!

May I suggest that the link at the top, where it says OGS, links to the OGS homepage? If a link to the forum homepage is needed then perhaps a separate link can be added at the top?

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That’s probably a good idea… though it’s good to have something prominent to take you back to the top of the forums too… I guess it just comes down to what folks’ expectations are when clicking that top link.

This is especially useful if you are on a mobile device.

I agree that there should be a way to return to the forum root but it should not be the OGS logo. It is entirely appropriate for a user to expect the OGS logo to return them to the OGS homepage. Otherwise visiting the forums is a oneway ticket.

The old forum had a very effective breadcrumb system. The simplest solution would be a link after the OGS logo labelled “forums >”.

@Houdeani Now you can access OGS from the top right menu. :wink:

Posting here just to link to the other thread discussing this:

Should hopefully join discussion in one place.