Linking your AGA, EGF, or other organization / server account information to help us improve our ratings and ranking systems

Hello all!

As part of ongoing our ratings and ranking work, we are looking to improve upon our rank conversion between OGS and the AGA / EGF, as well as a wider more general purpose rank conversion system between different organizations and servers.

Unlike previous years, we are not asking for an anonymous web form, instead we are asking that you fill out your information here:

This new settings page allows you to provide your ID/PIN, and usernames for various organizations and servers, as well as what rank you are with them. In the case of the AGA and EGF, and potentially other sources in the future, we’ll be able to analyze your progression through time and develop a more advanced model for converting ratings and ranks.

Additionally, if you choose to display this information on your profile, other players will be able to look you up at those organizations or find you on another server. If you don’t want it to be displayed on your profile, simply toggle the hide switch, in which case the information won’t show up on your profile, but we can still use your information to develop our model.

So, if you play elsewhere, please take a moment and fill out that information! Even if you find yourself on this page but don’t actively play on OGS, please still take a moment to fill it out, you don’t need to be an active OGS player to help us build this model and allow the community to benefit from it. For any server / server , organization / organization, and server / organization combination, we’ll be able to provide a more accurate mapping for ranks, provided we have enough data from players like you.


– anoek


Perhaps add GoQuest to the list of other servers?


Sure, added


Is there a reason to separate european national organisations like that? Arent all the EGF ratings in the EGD?


I was thinking that as well, if I was going to pick I would probably pick EGF. I don’t know if we keep a separate ratings tally from it.


Yeah that’s just informational at this point, I thought it might be fun for some to know they are part of the same national org. But yeah it’s all the same EGF pool in the end.


There will be a lot of incorrect information from players who are not active on other servers and organisation
How are you going to filter it?


Potential improvement: show ranks on profile but not IDs.

All those creepy OGS stalkers, you know.


There are differences between national rating and European rating. Some countries use their own system (France, Germany…)

Some like Swiss fed. don’t have and just use the egf rating.


The idea is interesting. Won’t it be too complex to update the system each time one association or server change his own rating system or reevaluate? That’s something happening quite often.

I agree with S_Alexander - linking to my AGA player card will give people access to my first & last name - which kind of creeps me out.


is ogs aga?

No, AGA is the American Go Association, which maintains its own set of ratings. In order to be rated with the AGA, you would have needed to play in-person rated games at AGA events. Most people will not have an AGA rating for this reason, which is why getting comparisons from people who do is helpful.

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I’m worried about the “using these to tune our ranking algorithm”

Live rankings should not be used as reference or example for a server - most live rankings are based on a much smaller set of games spread around long intervals. especially since March 2020…
There’s a big discrepancy between them, too; for example, EGF and AGA are usually 2-3 stones apart.
These are largely uncontrolled and hugely dissonant data sets.

And let’s not even go to other servers’ rankings… Fox and Tygem have a completely different system; IGS takes forever to adapt; GoQuest is yolo ranking, etc…

Using this information to have a good source for a mapping chart like this? Great.
Using it to change how OGS computes the users’ ranking? At first impression it seems to be a bad idea.


Awesome, but might it be a good idea to ask people to ONLY fill this if the ranks on other servers/in other organizations are recent?
My EGF rank is seven years old, I haven’t played in any EGF-accredited tournaments since 2013.

Or is the algorithm set to ignore ranks that are older than x years/months?


A curiosity: Why this system isn’t adopted for online servers?
Isn’t necessary to be official, just copy it to cease any discussion about rank among online servers, if it be possible.

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Those ratings from have no relation to ranks.

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Sounds good I’ll add another toggle tomorrow


If you provide the ID that’s actually still helpful as the EGF has been kind enough to provide us with a history of all games played, so we’ll be able to use that during the time period when you were active


I actually tried to run WHR on our dataset, but I think we have too many games / players for it, it was taking prohibitively long to process.