List of blocked users


Hi. Where can I view a list of players I have blocked? Thanks.


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Hello, there is unfortunately no such feature at the moment, sorry :frowning:


I can give advice that will work until we can view the list of blocked players. This is advice from my own experience. Keep a list of blocked players. This can be done in a text file. For example, I do this in an Excel spreadsheet.


I’m kinda curious. Why do you care who you have blocked?


For example, if you blocked a player in a temper, and then, after thinking, you decided to unblock him. :blush:


In that case the player would probably be in your game list. Just click all the names of your opponents and uncheck the checked box. If you blocked some guy in chat, unless it was a throwaway account, that guy’s probably in chat all day. Go through the list etc.


Why do I care? Just curiosity. I also play on KGS and, due to some kind of bug, my list of blocked users there disappeared. But at least I could see the list and knew to restore people to the list. How will I ever know if the blocked list in OGS is working correctly or not?


That’s a great idea, GuardAngel. I think I’ll start keeping a list. Thanks.