List Your Malkovich Game Here

If you are playing a Malkovich game and don’t mind sharing, please post a link to your game here. If this catches on, I’ll maintain the list in this top post.

nispio (22k) vs sadmac (21k)


Here’s one between me and nispio, in progress now.

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This game is now complete. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Malkovich, Malkovich, yes, that’s the itch. And here is a cool game:

mark5000 1k vs. xhu98 2d, W+R,


newbee here … what is a Malkovich game.???

Hello @ciaran57hk [quote=“ciaran57hk, post:6, topic:1235”]
what is a Malkovich game.?

See here:

Cordially, Tom

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I started a Malkovich game between lowish players (myself 19k and geronimogoodlove 20k) the game is average 19.5k, for which you might not be interested, but I think there’s something to learn from it even for high ranked players :smile: I hope you may find it interesting

BTW, I am only a lowly DDK player, but I put quite a lot of Malkovich comments with variations in most of my correspondence games (also for myself so I can look it up later).

So, if you feel down and can use a good laugh … come and look :smiley: Sometimes I see my mistakes right after I posted some idiotic variation, and then I feel somewhat embarrassed, knowing that everybody can see my blunders, but at least I am very able at being a bad example then :grimacing:


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How do you go through a finished Malkovich game while reading the log? When I begin to go through the game, the game tree takes up all of the space and I can only see a line of two of the log at one time.

You can resize pretty much everything on the right side manually. (bottom right corner of boxes.)

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Here’s a game against a favorite opponent. Our rank difference isn’t really 6 stones, I don’t think.

is there a group or tournament for malkovich game ?

I don’t know of a particular group for that. I have found it pretty easy to get Malko games by finding players I would enjoy to play again online and asking if they would be interested in a Malkovich game.

Hi everybody,

Malkovich game is a good way to improve our skills. I create the malkovich group :

I post my fisrt malkovich game in the chat room of the group :

Enjoy and post your comment please.

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