Looking for artistic direction

Ahoy. I have recently completed the first half of a forearm sleeve tattoo.

New photo by Christopher Rodgers

( sorry for the poor quality of the image, but the idea gets across )

I am looking for something to cover the backside of my forearm. My artist recommended a figure in a similar style and theme to this one. The breaks will be filled in with traditional Japanese background.

My hope is that the great OGS community will share some cool Japanese woodcut images that I may never have found otherwise and we can all work on my tattoo together!


My first thought was nuclear tesuji, but that’s already covered.

I was thinking a partial board position, so just stones on a goban. Perhaps a difficult ko for life position, snapback or connect-and-die.

I have those suggestions, all also ukiyo-e pictures so they’d at least fit the style without a problem

From the goban being the one to hurt people to the goban being the one to be “hurt” maybe?


Maybe something more peaceful

Or good ol’ Sato Tadanobu before he starts swinging that goban


I have a link to some awesome Go-related ukiyo-e paintings, but they are NSFW since their main content is of erotic nature … guess you remember that post of mine … so won’t even mention it :sunglasses:

I really like the image of Sato before he starts swinging.

“Cutting off the corner” is absolutely one of my favourites. :o)

I have the one of the two women playing with 4 stone h/c as my background image. Revar Isavé’s ukiyo-e collection is the best ukiyo-e collection. :o)


Sato sitting down is what I am going with. The image fits the space on the back of my arm perfectly. Plus, then I can move my arm and you can watch him get angry! Like a flip book!

EDIT: full credit to @Revar_Isave for providing me the image. There will be a sparkle included in the tattoo just for her, to convey credit where it is due.