Lost the will to play - what to do?


I know this will never happen as too many pople would object and it would be impractical for reviews and such, but it would be very interesting to have a server where the rank information were only internal (for matchmaking) and not visible to the players. I bet a lot of people would suffer a lot less :smiley:

I mean we all know it is just a number that has no influence on the quality of our lives, but it is still painfull to watch it go down or stay the same for too long :smiley:


And never play drunk.




You could take up fly fishing. I heard it’s quite relaxing. If that’s too nature-y for you, there’s always pottery, painting, writing poems…


…and theoretical gymnastics.


lysnew said, " By the way, do you know “Aji’s quest”? "

No, but thanks
to you, I’m reading it now. Thank you. :slight_smile:


I learned how to play about 40 years ago and have played, off and on, ever since. I say “off and on” for very good reasons. I have gone years without playing or even thinking about Go during that time. I have also had times where my desire to play was insatiable and my family was frustrated because I would relate every problem and joy in life to the Go board.

If you are anything like me, now that you know how to play you will never “lose this hobby totally,” but there will be times when you suddenly realize that you can’t remember the last time you played a stone, and you will pick it up again. Don’t push it.


play shogi for 1 month. then play Go again.


Nothing restores the will to the game, like a glorious competition. Come to MindForce Games, fight for one of the honorary titles and feel the rapture of the battle again! :muscle:

And some music to warm up the blood!


^ lol


Who can fail to be motivated after a shot of Disturbed.


I would want this guy on my sales team.


Why do you keep necroing threads? Aim for quality, not quantity of posts.


I don’t aim any quantity, have enough likes to feel some quality. I post only if I feel I contribute something new.
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