Machine player doesn't make a move - crashed?

I’m playing game 1350338 with Billy (GnuGo lvl10), after some moves it’s his turn and he didn’t make the move for 10 minutes now. He’s probably going to timeout soon, but I guess this shouldn’t happen.


This is the same as this thread:


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We’ve been having some issues with them, I think we may turn them off until we can get them fixed up. Sorry about that!


Did this ever get resolved? I had this happen in this game: and here:

Hey! I had the same problem with Natsu today. I played 3 matches with it and it timed out in both of the 19x19 matches. I don’t remember if it happened with the 9x9, it was short. It doesn’t seem to be fixed.

Glad to see you got onto the forums :slight_smile:

Haha thank you :slight_smile:

It happens quite frequently with Natsu(Fuego) on 9x9. In fact, most of the game I won with him are due to time-out on his side ;-(

Seeing this with Fuego, so I switched to Kugutsu, and it happened again: Should I just not play machine? It feels like cheating that I can win by timeout so easily, and I’d rather not resign something I’m not sure I’m losing yet. Just for my own learning I’d prefer to play it out until it’s obvious to me (I am still a weak player).