Major memory leak on overview page

The overview page of OGS seems to use a ton of memory and leak it heavily, which will cause the tab to crash after a relatively small amount of usage. I currently have 13 correspondence games in progress. Using the newest version of Chrome on Windows 10, if that’s relevant.

Specifically, here’s an example of what the memory usage is like while I’m using the site:

  • Load in a new tab - 171.5 MB
  • Click into first game shown - 172.4 MB
  • Click “Home” to go back to overview - 272.5 MB
  • Click into first game shown - 264.3 MB
  • Click “Home” to go back to overview - 366.6 MB
  • Click into first game shown - 354.5 MB
  • Click “Home” to go back to overview - 458.6 MB

If I continue repeating the process of going into a game and back out into the overview until I’ve done it about 15 times total, the tab will start taking up over 1.5GB of memory, become unresponsive for a few seconds, and then crash with a “Google Chrome ran out of memory while trying to display this webpage.” error.



Current version of Chrome [Version 54.0.2840.100 (64-bit)] on an Ubuntu 16.04 system with 8GB RAM. I was up over 3 GB before it started slowing down. but I was able to force the error eventually. I got “Aw, snap!” for the error. I lost count somewhere in the 20s on the cycles, but I only have 6 games going right now.

Has this been a problem with prior versions of Chrome?

I’m on 54.0.2840.100 and it seems to be hovering around 180M (only 2 correspondence games going though). It balloons out to almost 230M, but after a minute or two the garbage collector brings it back down.

Can you try reproducing this in an incognito tab? (ctrl-shift-n will open one up) - if it doesn’t happen there then it’s most likely an extension causing the problem, otherwise it’s either chrome or us (neither would surprise me, though we haven’t updated the production site in over a month so if it’s just a recent thing, it might be chrome)

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It might be timing. I have to keep cycling to get the memory to increase.

It might be easier with a larger number of games in the list.

I’ll check using a variety of browsers under Windows 7 today. I’ll check again this evening for the Ubuntu condition.

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For me it’s been happening for quite a while (definitely over a month), so I don’t think it’s just the newest version of Chrome or anything like that.

I just installed a completely fresh Chromium in Ubuntu (no extensions or anything), and am seeing the same behavior there as I was in windows - about 1GB of RAM used after going into and out of games just a few times. Leaving it sitting for a long period (10+ mins) doesn’t show it ever dropping back down.

I just did a sequence in Firefox on Windows 7 Enterprise. 225 cycles yields a working set over 4GB. Almost all of this was added during the cycles.

Firefox version 49.0.2

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IE 11 version 11.0.9600.18499CO glitches out with over 1.5GB working set after 75 cycles.

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This has been happening for me for ages: Browser crashes (At least it has consistently looked like the same problem.)

It’s still happening on: Chrome Version 54.0.2840.71 m (64-bit) on Windows 7,

Chrome 54.0.2840.85 on Android 6.0.1 and on whatever version of firefox came before the latest on Mac OS X El Cap.

ETA: on chrome only a tab crashes; on firefox the browser crashes all together.

ETA 2: I should add that the way this has always come about for me is exactly the way the OP describes: by cycling through correspondence games and going to overview page between each.



Well the good news is we’ve overhauled a lot on the UI and this might have already been fixed along the way. When we finally get the new beta up on the beta site I’d be interested to know how things are performing, i’ll try and remember to ping this thread when it’s up to test with. Doing some quick tests over here it’s certainly using a lot less memory across the board, and switching around doesn’t have nearly the cost that it does currently, so it should be better at least, if not completely fixed, “soon” :slight_smile:


I’ll be happy to test once you have it ready.

Sounds good, when it’s available I’ll definitely test out the new version and let you know if this issue is still around. Looking forward to seeing the updated version.

I am having a major memory problem when loading using Chrome. How to fix? The page simply crashes and refuses to load.