Make Your Own Go Meme


Here is a picture of Wanek in his Go stream:

Here is a meme image that @Franzisa made:

Let’s see some good go memes. Enjoy.

Go memes!

Here is my contribution:

I have never been very good at these :stuck_out_tongue:


NOTE: These were NOT created by me!

So, apparently this thread fell into coma … but I like it, so I’ll try reanimation :slight_smile:

(Also PLEASE post your images directly instead of sending us else where ;-))

Sadly, I myself am too unimaginative to create my own memes (as yet; I still have hopes), but there’s a new thread for Go memes on the L19 forum, and folks posted a few nice memes already, and I’d like to see them spread wide and far until we perhaps stumble over them in unexpected places :slight_smile:


Haha, trohde! :smiley:

I laughed so hard. :blush:


a few more, from


Public Go Memes albums on FB and G+

Go Memes on Facebook (The FB album I could make a shared album if you want to contribute … it would be our album then and not just mine.)
Go Memes on Google+

Prepare to see your creations out in the wild.

Greetings, Tom



Good guy OGS:


Not mine, but too good to deprive you of:

Via Go Oyunu on Facebook

The pictured player is Emre Bektore 1k, Turkey (European Go Database player card)


@sefo, every time I see those two again, I can’t stop laughing :smiley: